Why do we have to lose trophys when you don't defeat a base

I like this game but it has come to a point where I don’t want to attack hard bases because if you fail you will lose trophys making it harder to level up. Also when your attacked by high level players you lose trophys as well. I don’t mind losing 10 but get annoyed when I lose 20, I don’t want to raid helpless lower level players as that would be boring.

And even when you make it to there gates some time you get 5 but most of the time you lose trophys, I think R2 should show us how they calculate the trophy winnings.

I recently lost 60 trophies on a base. But then they turned around and gave 59 back. How generous <3

But I agree, it’s super annoying. I agree with the notion of “If you don’t do well, you get nothing,” but I hate when it’s “you picked a trap base, you lose more than food.”

However, there may be a reason. There are some people who use software to stay “online,” 24/7. So if they could only lose trophies through being attacked, they would never lose anything. Contrarily to that, if someone has a trap base and then dumps trophies to harvest gems from noobs, if those noobs can’t lose trophies, he can’t be pushed back up to the level he’s really at.

I just lost 51 trophies on a base and 32 in other, it made me mad, I decided to not play this game for the next 4 days, otherwise I would spend all my gems (today I’ve spent more than 100 just in scrolls) I have to control myself.

100 gems is still just $1. You can find that much in change at the parking lot. Relax…