Why do you lose more trophies in matchmaking battles

In matchmaking you would lose: 

65% raid: -18 trophies 

0% raid:  between 46-65 trophies 

meanwhile on the leaderboard 

65% raid: -8

0% raid: -14


crazypikachu2001: (1576 trophies)

This is because, in Matchmaking, you will get people similar to your level. If you lose with them, this means that you are not strong enough, so not capable to be on a rank, decided by trophies. In Leaderboard, you must be attacking higher level players or lower, you will not lose that many trophies, because they can be stronger than you or even weaker.

That’s not it.

For some reason, in most situations, attacking via the matchmaker is high risk low reward, compared to any other way of attacking.

You get a medal boost (which is zero to small for 99% of the players) when you attack via the matchmaker, but that’s pretty much it.

There’s basically no reason to use matchmaker to find opponents. As Arrebimba said, you can get a medal boost from the matchmaker, but that’s really the only benefit. If you are looking to boost trophies with a lower risk, it’s best to use the leaderboard to find opponents