Why do you test your stuff at the players?

Hello guys.

can you explain me why many of the teech tree doesnt work after update? Troops in the towers, +3 fights. Its like thiefs, we paid but got nothing. But ok lets say you are forget.


but can you explain me one more thing.

vl doing upgrade of stronghold- nonstop. Its mean we didnt lost even 1 second.

you said the teech tree will be exclusive for EVERY fight. For me its mean- i can upgrade everything think war, cuz its EXCLUSIVE TREE FOR THIS WAR.

How its come- our  treasury is 49700, and  the wisdoms we need for new upgrade is 50000??? And i even cant donate, i cant upgrade my building, cuz i need to wait 3 days and start to uprgarde.

too many fails. May be it wasnt worth to heard all those forum complainers and hurry up with update ? May be it was worth to do good game, use testers and etc ?



You can upgrade that tech in the next conquest once you have higher storage right? So not a problem for me…

You just need to adapt ? no use complaining ?

They said next conguest tree will be different

its mean they put the tree this cobguest we cannot use. What a point? 



You lose nothing from this, whats the point of conplaining? Its there because the tech tree is designed for long term, this is first conquest…the tech tree structure is same, its component changes…

K so its normal to give us tech tree with tech we cant buy. Ok why not, but for me its idiotic and also its money Flare will not get from us

Yes its normal and they lose 5mil, not even one extra donation what is the big deal…They’ve lost more before ?

Totally agree, cromka.

This is the main Problem in this game: 

Everything in this update, all Balances are only for the sales of Flaregames, they didn’t test anything.

And they totally forgot to implement a little bit of fun.

Most players are just bored and frustrated.

Note: This is another proof that Cromka1 is complainer just like the rest of us. ?

We’re FG’s free beta testers

? i want to spent money and cant.

its strange for me

Don’t worry, complainer isn’t stranger. All user of something have the right to complain regarding things. There’s should be no different with human right between normal and vip ?. Please continue your topic ?.

ps. By the way, it’s difficult to be “strange”  .jpg.1890486a6860c9d079bdc161c1252940.jpg)?


Of course the vip complainers need to have best support( 

Very rare cromka complains. VL facing a map where it’s 1v3? =p

Stop complaining u rich freak!!! 

Follow ur own advice and Go buy some gems to have fun lol

You can always try another game, one you won’t complain so much about. :stuck_out_tongue:


No) all fine in the map.

just cant understand how its come we cant buy everything we want??

I bought?

And cant spend((