Why does confusion confuse your WHOLE ARMY?

When one of your unis is hit with confusion, your whole army stops to kill it…

Isn’ the confused unit supposed to attack  you/ your units and aren’t your other units supposed to ignore it? (Cause their not confused…). 

Whole army confusion is super Op!


What makes you think / why do you think the other units should ignore it?

makes no sense a unit / army would ignore a unit that is attacking them.

Cannons do that all the time (though for only some units). :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, confusion works the way it should, I think (except it being OP that is). It’s the same as with petrified units and how your troops aim to bring their “stoned” allies back to their senses. What’s the alternative, confused troops going back all the way to the tent and destroying it because the troops you summon ignore them?

About the petrified troops. Sometimes it’s really annoying when your ninjas petrify troops on the other lane and your blizzard is on cd and magically an enemy wolf comes along and howls because petrified troops do count as enemies ?.