Why does Donkey Restore some Kings to Full Health and Not Others?

When I use Donkey my King begins and ends the ride with the same Health.  But almost 50% of the members of my Alliance report that they are restored to full Health by a Donkey ride.  What’s different? 

Also it doesn’t seem that a Monk casting a Heal Spell or even a Heal Aura Ring restores your Health during the use of any Guardian, why is that?

Ooh. Interesting. My king doesn’t heal when on the donkey too. When I first heard people claiming their kings healed whilst on a donkey, i thought they were mad and i just ignored them.

But your post seems to confirm to me that something is wrong with my donkey set up.

I thought they just didn’t understand what they were seeing but so many good players in my Alliance insists it heals them.

My King gets no health from the Donkey.

In fact, the king’s health doesn’t even regenerate during the Donkey transformaton.

Same here no health regeneration by monks or heal aura while guardian is active, haven’t tested it with other auras.

need proof. my donkey also does not restore the health of the king

I have not experienced such a thing. Kings health remain same after the Donkey ride. May be  your your team mates are pranking you.

I actually wouldn’t call it heal, but then there’s a bump up to full health and the Donkey is there till the health bar runs down to 0 or its spawn time is up. Post this, the hero resumes at the original level of HP (before summoning donkey). Here’s a video below. Royal Revolt 2 19-01-2019 22_35_50.mp4

After summoning, the Green bar is Donkey Health. Red Bar is the 10 sec timer. Which ever exhausts first of these two, ends the Donkey ride and the King is back with the actual health.

This is my experience, but many experienced players are telling me their Donkeys restore them to full Health. 


Even @fuzzylogic said he’d been told the same thing.

I heal when I use Donkey and I think the reason is because I use Bela Pal who does Life Drain.  Maybe someone who doesn’t heal should try Bela to see if they notice a change.


That’s interesting.

I didn’t test with the Bela pal or a life drain aura ring.

However, I usually use life drain items and my king’s health doesn’t regenerate during the Donkey transformation.

So I’ve been playing for 3.5 years now.  A friend of mine who’s played for 4 years.  Told me he is healed to 100% every time he gets off his Donkey even if he starts at almost no health.  After we compared we found it seems to only have that effects when he has has his LifeDrain gear on.  And he had a LOT of LifeDrain.  So that correlates nicely with what @SteelPoet says.

You are treated as usual, but your health is not visible when the defender is activated.
So if your hero during this time restore HP in any usual way, then of course there will be more health.

I’m almost certain you’re wrong.

If a Monk casts a Heal Spell near you while you are riding your Guardian, I do not believe it Heals you.

Yeah, you’re right. If a Monk casts a spell while riding a Guardian, it will heal the Guardian, but not your king





Hi there, the Donkey doesn’t restore health. As every other Guardian, it has its own health bar. When you call it, it has the full health bar. Once the Guardian is depleted or the duration is over, you have the same HP as the King had before he called the Guardian.

Also, Guardians cannot be healed, otherwise they would be too powerful. :slight_smile:

After talking to many experienced players, I don’t think you’re right, @Madlen.  It might be an error, but too many players are reporting that they have had their Health restored by the end of their use of Donkey.  It might be an error, but I think it is a fact.  And it seems to be related to Life Drain.

I mean bugs can always happen, but the way I have described it is the way it is supposed to work.

I would suggest you open a thread in the bug section then with more video material? Then the testers can look into it :slight_smile:

Bugs are nasty, so any help is appreciated :slight_smile: