Why Does Every Single Beast (Including Pro) Have A Weakness Except Phoebe?

Simple question. It’s a fact that this is true, and yet Phoebe is the only beast that has such stats compared to even more expensive pro beasts that are much less used. Phoebe is meant to be a challenge through the damage and healing, but yet isn’t balanced until it will be treated like every other beast. Every other pro/normal beasts have very similar stats like this and yet Phoebe has no weaknesses. And yet we debate about why Phoebe is a problem while looking at healing/damage, then haven’t bothered to look at balancing her by making 100% of the beasts in the game have a weakness of any kind. Is that not the problem we’ve ignored this entire time? Just leave Phoebe untouched, and treat her like every other beast in the game. I think it would be a fair expectation for Flare to do that considering how frequently Phoebe is used and how it’s the only beast without a weakness. Then see how things change, because then the game is actually balanced to the expectations and patterns of literally everything else in the game. Use Janus beast? No, has fox weaknesses. Use Ceres? No, has wolf weaknesses. Use Eris? Nope, has Archimedes weaknesses. I’ll take the one with no weaknesses, a nuke and a heal, thank you. And so will everybody else, if it isn’t obvious by now.

Phoebe’s weakness is blunt damage. It isn’t listed but it is something that has been kind of comfirmed. A bunch of Paladins kill it in seconds, the Big Archer needs 2 maybe 3 shots. 5 or so cannons will also kill Phoebe in seconds. Only problem is a shield spell is required otherwise Phoebe’s skill will probably end you before you can kill it. Same foes for Phoebe boosted by a wolf. Well probably every Beast boosted by a wolf will be difficult.

Soon you will be given a link from August. Will say that they are watching on Phoebe. And that’s where it ends  :wink:
To say how much they will see they can’t. A week? A month? A year? Let them announce the exact date when the decision will be made!

It seems to me that this issue is not deal with or significantly delay the decision. There were a lot of issues and opinions, but there is no result.

Phoebe weakness is blunt damage. Its the main reason why I never defeat Phoebe in the past and since I have Aska and use Gargoyle in offense. Just summon huge army and stay await until Aska summon Gargoyle. After 10 seconds Phoebe is dead. Also combine with Archer and Cannon kill Phoebe fast. Before I avoid her but now I don’t care Gargoyle + Archer + Cannon do the job. 

If you have have Heal Ring or use Mad Monk you can change Aska by Kaiser. Kaiser with his Sonic Blast will kill Phoebe really fast

So whatever you use then use Blunt Damage

I think the display should properly show blunt damage if that’s the case, but we all should know it’s not.

What I really think is going on is that since it doesn’t have the 25% resistance to blunt, we just use blunt damage (which honestly I probably would use even with 25% resistance to blunt) because that’s the damage type in the highest amounts (cannons) with the exception of archers (which includes blunt anyways if I remember) and we just use that. There is no rock-paper-scissors going on here, it’s just picking the META (Most Efficient Tactics Available) and THAT is what has defined the gameplay of this game. The META for beasts? Phoebe, otherwise howl at lvl 9 beast. The META for waves? Wolves. The META to counter that? Only specific builds can and should beat that, but because it’s the META, we are now all stuck using shield, cannons, archers, aska. With some room for other builds but that’s mostly it at higher tier raiding. How can we claim balance when we’re all pigeon-holed into beasts and builds? Why not buff everything else or at least start with balancing everything we have? It’s just my two cents, I have no problems killing Phoebe, this is just a symptom of the real problems and simple commentary on game balance, current META, and a problem that Flare will have to address eventually. Otherwise we’ll keep having the same conversations over and over, which I’m okay with. I’m happy if the game doesn’t change, I’m happy if it changes, but I’m going to stick to the truth and reality.

Is it weaker against blunt?

Knights, Pyros, Frosters and Arblasters don’t have blunt damage and they deal a lot of damage to Phoebe as well.

Archers, cannons, paladins kill Phoebe in a second

Phoebe may be weak to fire. I have used Pyromancer , it just killed killed Phoebe from the opposite lane. 

I also tested with dracomancer (lvl9 ,dragon power 60) it killed it with one dragon fire.

Seems huge HP of pyromancer with shield helps.

Phoebe is not weak to fire, it’s just weak against a high number of attacking troops.

Knights, archers, paladins, frosters, pyromancers, cannons, arblasters… if you can get a big number of them firing at Phoebe (or any other beast really) it will die pretty fast.

That just prove same the best player here cannot find the real weakness of Phoebe. A big problem. Its ok to speculate she is weak to blunt damage or fire but what is the real weakness? we don’t know. Flare must write it or add a weakness. Of course this must be done correclty and not nerf her and make her useless or 90% of the community will be bad. i have no clue what weakness will be ideal but at least Phoebe must have one

I know what’s the real weakness and I’ve already said it: lots of troops doing damage at the same time. It will die in like 3 seconds.

Even if you go at it alone + the super archer (might need some practice) it takes like 5 seconds and if you do it all alone with the king it’s 10 seconds.

ps: I’m talking about “high lvl Phoebes” (lvl 3-4-5) from high lvl players (120-130).

ps2: high lvl Howl takes a bit longer to kill if you do not use ice (Frosters, Blizzard or Fritz).

You may be confusing ‘strategy to defeat’ and ‘weakness’ as the same thing. Look at every beast and they have some kind of weakness and some resistances. This isn’t a discussion on Phoebe being ‘overpowered’ and ‘impossible’ to beat, but a call to be balanced like every other beast (a la 50% weakness to piercing and 25% resistance to blunt). This feedback may be better on the other thread.

Point being is that some kind of strategy should be more effective than another just like with every single beast in the game, which exactly feeds into the second point you made. Frost will make it easier for Howl because that’s howl’s weakness. Not the strategy. The weakness. Like every. Other. Beast. Because that’s how the entirety of the game works. Except Phoebe, for some reason. I don’t know how else to make this point more clear and why this thread exists aside from that premise alone. Again, a call to balance the game and make the game work as intended.

Otherwise we should ALL be demanding that all pro beasts have no weaknesses (or resistances for that matter). Why? The game should be balanced. If Phoebe gets special treatment, so should ALL pro beasts. I’ve already visited all these points and they’re largely ignored, but again the premise of the entire thread and not a ‘nerf everyone’s Phoebe’ discussion. Just asking Flare to balance the game.

Sure, it has no weaknesses.

i just don’t focus on that aspect because that’s just a theorethical discussion. There’s really not much interest in that.

What matters (at least to me) is what happens during raids. So, in pratical terms, Phoebe goes down just as easily and as fast as most beasts, with or without weaknessess.

And that’s what I don’t like about it, I think it should not go down as easily.

It’s more the principle that’s my issue, I know you and most players are worried about the direct gameplay, but this change would make Phoebe 25% harder to kill by way of blunt damage even if she becomes easier to kill from piercing. If she was to be treated like literally everything else in the game, they could get to balancing things around how the game is supposed to be.

But as mentioned, this special treatment of a beast demands a change somewhere because it’s just bad form to be inconsistent with a single beast who happens to be the center of attention for other reasons too. Be it on other pro beasts (remove weaknesses), or on Phoebe (add weakness and resistance). It’s just too convenient that people are complaining about the in-game performance of Phoebe, while this separate issue is totally ignored, but the patterns still hold true. It’s not about me being ‘right’ or anybody being wrong, but just for the game to be consistent within the rules of the game.

Ask yourself if Phoebe should get special treatment as a beast, that’s the answer. If Phoebe is getting preferential treatment, it should be fixed immediately. And following the patterns of the game (all pro beasts have similar weaknesses to their non-pro counterparts), she seems to be.

This is ignoring the entire fact that every single pro beast is entirely useless compared to Phoebe, which is entirely on par for this discussion here. People defend Phoebe left and right about the crystals invested, yet some alliances have Ceres and Janus unlocked, and I hear no complaining and outcry about the copious amounts of crystals they have just wasted by not realizing that they are indeed terrible beasts and not a part of the META at all. Those changes should start with those other pro beasts getting their weaknesses removed. Or have them added to Phoebe. No preferential treatment, because the game is broken. That’s why I’m fighting the principle here, because the game isn’t balanced.

I really don’t see that special treatment. Yes, it has no damage related weakness, but I still don’t see how that is more relevant than the actual gameplay reality. What does it matter that Phoebe has no stat weakness, if it dies so fast (as fast as any other beast)?


i think Phoebe should be buffed because it is a bit weak. The effort to unlock it and upgrade it is too big for the actual strength of the beast.

Shouldn’t such an effort be compensated with a beast that is actually worth that effort?

Honestly I’m not seeing it right now. Right now we’re at Phoebe lvl 4 in my alliance and I still feel it should be stronger.

Everytime I have Phoebe lvl4 as my beast I lose trophies compared to lvl8 Howl.