why does no tower attack with normal?

just wondering… i found it interesting that only units attack with normal.


for every tower, there is a unit:

 archer tower: arblaster

 spike pad: archer

 frost tower: froster

 bomb tower: paladin

 firebolt & gargoyle: pyromancer

 skull tower: gargoyle & ogre

 snake tower: mortar & mummy


but what about knights? and werewolves? why don’t they have a tower?

Hmm… part of the answer might be that there’s the hero instead for normal damage :wink:

But I guess, “normal” damage in the game is what I’d define as “cutting” (like a sharp sword or knife) damage. So maybe a trap with blades (IIRC, in Royal Revolt 1 there was such a trap?) or a tower shooting shuriken could fill that gap.

there was a trap in RR1; it had little spinning buzz-saws; or something like that.


ok thanks for answering