Why does the conquest not start at same time as other events?

When will the conquest be reset to start at same time as other events? 3 am for all US players kind of bites?

Even better would be to stagger the start times for all events. The current situation for wars has always been horrible for me as the war starts early in the morning. If you just made the times rotate (add 3 hours or something like that for each consecutive event) then no one would be consistently disadvantaged. Laetulos

Yes wars are very early for me too. Still better than 3am tho… 

Hello there :slight_smile: ,

Unfortunately, it will have to stay like that so we can always look into it if some problems occur. :slightly_frowning_face:

I understand that this is a problem though for players in different time zones ?. I will forward the feedback. 

Ok? But all other events start at reasonable time? And there are issues with ninjas that occur that are not resolved until after the weekend? So why is conquest the only one you care about to start at this bizzare time? How about even 3 hrs earlier so it would at least not be in the middle of the night?

It starts 3pm in the afternoon. The moment I take a nap after lunch. Lol