Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

I was shocked to see this. Cooldown after watching just one free ad video. What the hell flare? 


Not just blacksmith, all possible boosts share the same cooldown of 6h after the second (or third?) video. You can’t boost all 4 farms or taverns with video ads. Very bad indeed.

Now the game has become a pay to win. Thanks Flaregames for editing the only feature of the game useful and useful especially for free players. Thanks for making the life of free players more and more difficult.



This further change turns the game into a pay to win. It is not a good Flaregames company policy, l expect Many will tire of playning. 

If the countdown starts AFTER you have watched the ad then it’s fine, cause all the boosts except farms are more than 6 hours. However, if the countdown starts after the boost is finished, this would be the biggest cash-grab update I’ve ever seen

It was after watching just one video

Free ads applicable on all upgrades, 4x taverns, 4x farms(4h), Blacksmith(8h) and free legendary chests(4h)

How could we adjust all that in just 4 ads/day

You’re not understanding the problem here.

The 6hour cooldown doesn’t start for that specific “thing”, but is a global cool down instead!

Once you see a video, you have to wait 6 hours to see ANY other advertisement!

Only for Windows players guys. Those running the game on iOS and or Android devices can speed ahead as usual.

But hey RR2 and windows users… sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo difficult yeah yeah right Flaregames?



Imagine the pain during the blacksmith event…

Look at the loading screen, both heroes look much more greedy than before…

Remove this BS asap… (BS does NOT stay for BlackSmith)…

Android user here

That’s not my case…

I also have the issue on Android, which makes me believe this isn’t a bug, but an intended “feature” on Flares end.

Does it remain in different platforms? I mean, if you see the cooldown on windows, does it remain in android/ios sessions and viceversa?

@ShadowsGuardian are you telling it is now for android too?

If so I will ask around again…

We’ll have to wait for the explanation from @PaSte


Yes in all platforms 

That should be the case.

This logic should be the same on all devices, it’s he same code after all


They just admitted it’s a feature!

“that’s something different”…

Jesus Christ…

People are gonna start leaving this game like birds flying away…

I am much more curious to read the justifications of Cromka…something like “nobd jives you anithg for FrEE”…

He is a billionaire with a lot of time to spare. He doesn’t care about us hard working peasants lol