Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

It’s a problem that has been noticed since the beginning of 4.0. Apparently flare has received this problem and is working on changing it

Still not fixed? Any schedule for fixing it?

well, for many people I know the cooldown has gone. But for me has changed again like almost all the time since I play this game: The message no videos avalaible always appears.

Not even using a vpn, changing my ip to Canada, for example, solves this; the No videos avalaible appears too.


The same problem on Windows Phone in Germany, “no videos available”.

Flare regularly/normally says that this is up to the provider.

But on the same account on my PC in the same network there are videos available so I can watch three before I got the cooldown. ?





Mine started working again for about 3 days. Now they are once again back to the 6 hr thing? Can we get this fixed please?

I had varying degrees of timer/no timer/timer/no timer.

My device just ran the ad (forgot the name of the app from that ad) but it was the one where it wanted you to play a tower defense game by dragging a tower to defend the base.

I ran 3 videos and all worked, 4th video was this ‘interactive game’ and BOOM, timer of 5h 59m is back.

Hello…since the server update from yesterday (16 aug.) i have cooldown on my free boosts.This is on my ipad as well as on my windows device. My friend who plays on her fone has not this problem. Why ??? now it will take the fun out of this game, playing dungeons and war’s is not possible if you do not have the money to buy gems…Ever since 4.01 started everything costs gems… i alteady heard a lot of players that said… i have to quit this game… I like this game and do not want to quit,p but i am also not willing to pay al lot of money… please fix the free boosts and start to have better rewards for hard work …ING Troel