Why Don't One Time Deals Count As Gem Purchases?

The Alliance Party is supposed to give allalliance members a chest for a gem purchase, but does not for one time offers which include gem purchases. Why is that, and can it be rectified? 

I guess because it’s not really a gem purchase. Those offers are mainly about tickets, chests, gear, pals etc. and not about gems, even though you get some, that’s why it isn’t considered a gem purchase

I appreciate your answer, but it’s just a guess. I am hoping that @GalaMorgane or another Flare person will answer the question, even if it is the same. Too many times we are expected to guess at answers rather than getting a simple answer.

Should this be the answer, I think its the wrong policy since there are gems purchased and that makes it a gem purchase, but I will be OK with it. But in many cases we are left to be Schroedinger’s cat, both dead and alive in a sealed box.

Yup, every question should be answered by one fg employee

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As @Domikick said, it’s not Gems purchase, so it won’t give any chest. That’s why. I hope this answer your question.

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Thanks! Though I did pay money and did get gems in return. 

But it’s good to be clear. Thank you.