Why don't you protect other players from war blessings of elite privileged players?

Hey,here is an idea! I know that it was suggested before countless times (as I remember,I think it was Zuzzu first),but why don’t make that Titan league players fight on their maps only with other players from that same league? All players there have chaos gate so it is some kind protection from 3 new war blessings (bigger protection than players from other leagues have against them).They are bragging that they could play all fights on autoplay,so why not?

Due this unfair war blessings distribution,we must be proctected from Spartan Warriors,Sirens of Pyyrha and Gigas Trebuchets!

I think there was talk by the devs of increasing the frequency of same league opponents on the island maps; I’m not sure if it has been implemented yet. But as some have pointed out 100% of players from same league would mean many repetitive battles. 

I suggested a long time ago war blessings should only be present during wars and not on normal island battles, but that was ignored. 

I think the time of 100% full auto battles is slowly ending for some, as higher lvl nyx can’t be dealt with by pheme in auto; needs some additional player input. (I think this was a considered dev move) 

That’s cause it’s a bad idea for about 5 different reasons. 

Maybe for dumpster but it must be done to save the game.

You get good rewards for fighting in TL anyway, so that’s the price for for facing harder defences, I don’t get the argument why they should be present all the time on normal islands. I just don’t see 1 reason other then to protect our trophies, but that isn’t in itself a good reason.

this system is incorrect because in the same titan league 3 alliances have more blessings than the others … it is clear that since this umbalanced system favors some alliances is fine
you have to understand that the fundamental thing, the unavowable secret is that with the blessings of the leagues some players can be divided into 2 alliances to make the 3 vs1 wars whereas before it was much more difficult to make this little game

Did this come from Info wars?

edit: useless controversy, nothing constructive

I really want to hear the history of wars in the top 10 from you. Tell me what you know! 

edit: useless controversy, nothing constructive

P.S. we are a bit off topic, do you want to keep all the privileges? ok but at least leave people the opportunity to express their opinion … even if it is different from yours

If war blessings are only active during war, all they do is make wars harder. For everyone, yourself included. You don’t get any benefit from them during the week, and the higher up you go in the leagues, the more of a negative it becomes. That’s not a reward or incentive to try and get your alliance promoted to a higher league, it’s a punishment if you do. 

I hope I don’t need to remind you that before War Seasons, low ranked teams would complain constantly about alliances made up of super high level players who would start a new alliance with zero torches so they could have easy wars for several months at a time. They did this because they could get the exact same rewards at whatever ranking they chose to fight. War Seasons went a long way to fixing that problem. 

Having war blessings active only during war would start that all over again. It would drop the value of war blessings down to nothing, so they’d be no reason at all for many alliances to even try to compete in a league where there is a challenge. It would be a terrible move. 

You wouldn’t get 4k gems or end season titan chests for playing in demi -god league.

That would become the only incentive. And anyone can buy gems. There are just gems and one item in the reward chest and it’s only a unique for first place. 

But yes, there are a handful of teams who are capable of competing for first place, or even the first 3 places. 


For every other team, your proposal would make the game worse. My opinion is it would just make it worse, period. It would improve the game for players who don’t play war. I’ll meet you in the middle there. 

I still think FG could create some non-performance related items/tags/badges/landscape decorations that you can’t buy but would show your war prowess for anyone attacking your base or viewing your profile -similar to the golden statues, which don’t effect performance but are pretty cool


You can’t one one hand say that war blessings are an amazing, borderline unfair advantage, and on the other hand day that they’re the same incentive as a hat that goes on your hydras and doesn’t impact gameplay. Both of those things can’t be true. 

Another offer. Add for each League a separate trophy rating inside it. It may be difficult, but it will be interesting. In the world ranking I am 150+. And in my League, I could be top 10. 
Leagues and seasons are created on the football principle. Let us and rating players on this principle, too, )
That would be very interesting. )