Why evoking a dragon sucks


  • time continues to goes on while you are stucked for the dragon’s animation (you lose 3sec)
  • on Windows 10 you lose the input of the cursor (if you were pressing down the left button before the animation) and then you have to press again to move the hero again. Making you lose more time because you seriously can’t find the cursor on the screen (this bug will be resolved when i probably die)
  • the camera movement from the hero to the dragon is weird.

Just remove it once for all this animation and put a quick icon over the top of the paladin/pyromancer/froster icon when a dragon is coming out.

Agree that animation is annoying and it should be removed. Same was happening with beasts and they removed it. To be frank beast animation was showing just only once so all the issue u mentioned was happening once per raid…but here with dragon if I am able to spawn 8 dragons in a single raid those things happens 8x times which is frustrating.


I will add something which I face while raiding with dragons 

• we loose time on every dragon release average is 3 sec but sometimes screen goes to a pyro or foster who is ready to be dragon but it take much time…I have lost 6 sec like that three times yesterday

• usually (except starting point) dragon released behind king. On mobile it becomes much more frustrating. I always try to raid being on the right edge of the path but when dragon pop up comes camera moves and my king also come two steps behind(left) from where it was.


When Raiding bases with dragons its a close call most of the times and we lose precious second due to this problem

In general mouse cursor on Win 10 in rr2 is something which is hard to see when there is plenty of action on your screen. Cursor should be more visible- maybe bigger or in different color or both??

Bigger might be a problem. Maybe color change or have choices of cursor maybe. But I lose it all the time in raids hitting stuff that I don’t want to.