Why Frosters don't attack lightning towers?

What is the reason for that?

Thank you.

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The original reasoning I believe was that frosters don’t waste time on attacking something they’ll take ages to take down, LTs are more resistant to ice than FBs are, also could be a balancing feature when it was introduced to reduce the reliance on frosters alone running through bases, forcing to take a BS or FS spell.

Thank you.

The reason is for the few logic stuffs in RR2. Froster cannot do anything to Lightning Tower because like in the real life. Ice cannot damage lightning. If you have a Lightning tower (more a hydro Tower) in real life and same if he do outside I don’t know -40 degree or -50 degree. the Lightning Tower will have no damage. So I guess its logic Froster ignore Lightning Tower. Same 200 Froster will take age to put down a maxed non boosted Lightning Tower. Same with a raid of 20 minute will not be enough

the Ice only damage metal only if the degree is below -200. Like Nitrogen. by example on safe to open it.

Lighting tower are on Metal or maybe Crystal or both. So Froster will damage only Lightning Tower if tomorrow Froster Ice do same damage like Nitrogen without that. No damage

in reality same Pyromancer should not attack too. Metal resist to Fire like in real life. Metal support until 1000 degree. crystal are not weak to fire. So all weakness of Lightning have no sense. RR2 is based close of 95% non sense stuffs. Only Froster make sense its the only exception