why granny no give belt

Hi I need a new belt why granny did not offer to me this belt?

The granny offers random items,just wait or(if you have enough gems) reroll until you get the wanted belt.

I have 1M golds, reroll granny 3 times, and got this offer.

Its random.

You can buy on ebay, its cheaper than granny

When you are low level I think you find all Hero items. At high level maybe at 80 for me I don’t know for you Granny never offer me pauldron not super high level pauldron. Just green pauldron good for a level 30 lol at 400K. For the belt maybe 1 time on 100 days or each 200 days. Weapon,Boots,Armor,Ring and Glove you can find them easy put pauldron and belt you must find them in a chest for level over 90

Think you are offered a full line of new gear when you level up.

Hmm. … I posted this about a half year ago…

Luckily I managed to get quite a few belts since then