Why Hercules is unbeatable?

I am tired of seeing my defense being beaten down by Hercules.

Everytine I try a new defense layout ,hercules beat them easily .

I only see one hero that makes it 100 % to my defense or 95% without gems while other heroes makes it 95% with gems and Hades and zeus don’t even crosss half the defense.

I want to ask a question to @Madlen.

Can you please ask developers why they allowed one hero to be so powerful than the other 13 heroes and even far more powerful than Hades?

Every time I login I only see succesful attacks from Hercules and at this point I had enough time this rubbish.

I get only three points for defeating an opponent but others free to attack me for 15 and now Hercules abuse is too much.

I am posting last twenty snapshots of my battle log.

Not to mention same players use hercules to beat me which is cheating.I am losing around 100 trophies everyday thanks to cheat code that fg implemented in the game and gane sucks now for me ?

At this point I can say there is no defense in the game thst can stop Hercules.

if Fg doesn’t want to nerf Hercules than please atleast include him in the category of gods that zeus and hades are now.


He is the son of Zeus, what did you expect? He is very strong… practically no weaknesses if you built him correctly.

I don’t see a lot of 100%. Are you arguing you should be stopping everyone on below 90% or have fails? Where I am at, all the players are just raiding with ease, no matter how you make your base. It’s a question of stopping “more than what you are stopping now”, but never ever, stop ALL of them…  There are probably 10 bases/GK which you can’t win 100% without gems. And this is normal. I think you can’t expect to have such a base, especially if you aren’t maxed out, then there will always be stronger players than you. Back when we were all 131, all bases were beat in under 2 minutes… no single base was strong enough…

Hi Holydivine,

Cheating (from wikipedia)= "Cheating in video games involves a video game player using non-standard methods to create an advantage or disadvantage beyond normal gameplay, in order to make the game easier or harder."

-> Using a Hero that is in the game to attack you normally = not cheating

If you want to have feedback on your question, please ask a question that doesn’t indicate that we “put cheat code in the game”.

If you want to give feedback that Hercules needs a nerf, then that is something we can discuss. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s Hercules per se, I think more likely it’s demolition that needs to be looked at. And/or the tweak to frostbite from November. 

Plaese nerf Hercules is too overpowered or give him a god status like Hades or zeus.

He is better than there in stats LoL

Why asking for nerfs while you never used max Hercules vs a max defense? Max Hercules is normal vs max defense. Don’t ruin heroes while you are not maxed yourselves.

I Don’t think Hercules is the strongest hero, but I think he’s the easiest to use and he’s versatile. You don’t really have to worry about which troops or spells you use, you slap some claws on him (or both uniques if you’re a little bit luckier), and just punch through a map. Getting 100% against a tough GK is an achievement, having a full AP herc is an achievement, etc… but it’s pretty easy to make a herc that can 95% most defenses. 

My herc is fairly successful when I need to use him and I haven’t spent time forging really any gear for him since before level 130. His claws are from level 127 or something. 

Edit: maybe I’m talking myself into thinking he is the strongest hero, actually. It’s a discussion at least. He’s very very good, at least. 

Like with lots and lots of forging and refining, Athena is more powerful than Hercules, but it’s a pretty intense feat to beef up your Athena like that, and the gear doesn’t ride out levelups nearly as well as just a bog standard herc with Nemean claws. Runnin’ around, punchin’ towers. 

I agree, Hercules can easily pass any defense without any help from troops and doing 95% without gems is too easy for Hercules 

I feel Hercules gets to much benefits from his two unique items and is a powerhouse as I use him on wars ? for easy victories.

Lets call it he is the strongest, without major forging or refining… it seemed to me obvious with the two guys we had thrown a show a few weeks ago. He is a beast. You don’t really need the uniques, but those 2 uniques make him a beast for sure. Without them, he can still be a very strong hero, for sure one of the strongest.

I think it’s fine to have your first hero be strong, easy to use, and versatile. I think that’s good design. 

Demolition could be tweaked, though. Right now it procs at full power regardless of what amount of demo you have, and the only advantage to having more demolition is to have the ability proc more often. And since you don’t want it to actually proc 100% of the time, it’s the only perk that has a sweet spot under 50% - coincidentally just what nemean claws give you.

a modification could be that proc chance AND power increase with more demo, potentially incentivizing a build with demo over 50%. Another change could be to lower the power of demo to 30% instead of 50% as Choka suggested early last year. 

And with a couple months of the new frostbite to review, it’s probably time to see if the buff was appropriate or too much. I’m on the fence with that one.

Yes his uniques are very good (but not the best - consider mirror shield for overpowered!), but as a regular user of Herc in wars, he can die readily if you prepare him to take on most Gk’s. I don’t find him great at clearing waves of troops so he needs beefed up gear to take on the GK and the base - If you have max fire towers/lighting/ice he can lose health pretty quick unless you have some rings with resistance. 

He’s a common choice  at the moment as you just upgrade his uniques and he’s useable for 90% of bases for quite a while.  But like all unshielded heroes once players start working on their GK’s with Area damage DR (bug), Herc will not be so popular atelast not in TL.  I’ll be getting Athena to replace unless FG sort the bug out!


That will be a disaster, have you seen the health of max barricades and towers? I asked that Zeus be given demolition for a reason, as you would need 50% on all heroes in future and would turn the game non-strategic. 

I still think demolition should be swapped for stun regarding cursed perks, as demo is so necessary while stun is a good luxury. Make demolition a regular perk FG

Disagree. Demolition is one of the things that threw the offense/defense balance off to begin with. I think the issue is that a small % of demo is almost as effective as a medium % of demo (you get the same powerful effect, it just procs less often), and high % of demo has major diminishing returns. A tweak that changed it so you could get the same effectiveness as current demo, but it would require closer to 75% instead of that sweet spot of 40%-50% that we have now, would be good. A high demo build would still be successful, but you would have to sacrifice other perks to do it. 

(In my perfect world this might be done with a few small tweaks over time instead of a major bum rush, but history isn’t on my side here)

If that happened with demolition, how would players manage levelling up and % getting weak very quickly - demolition items are almost as rare as chickens teeth - I’ve never had a Cadmus demo item, and that causes all types of knock on affects. If you made demolition a regualar perk I might consider how it could be modified, but right now, I don’t see enough demolition items, and we aren’t facing fully max’d defences yet. 

There will be many asking for defence nerfs, and even though I would benefit from them remaining high, I can already see that some towers appear a little unbalanced (too much damage despite good resistance lvls on hero)

You leveled up very quickly. It’s harder to keep up with gear that way. Making demolition a normal perk would cause real problems, especially at the lower levels of the game. But top to bottom problems. Defenses aren’t balanced for every hero to have Hercules+ levels of demolition. 

Top defenses are supposed to be difficult, the devs are on record saying that. The last major update was in part an attempt to make the game more challenging, not less  

And there will always be people asking for defense nerfs. There were people asking for nerfs last June when offense was king and there was a month with no war blessings. 

I know this is a Herc thread, but it does apply to him…it seems the defence ‘upgrade’ was made balance out the fact that we can now refine all hero and make them better with the right perks. But that is going to be very time consuming to have near half heroes usable for war purposes for example at max defence lvl.  I don’t think FB or demo need adjusting, and if FG are bored they could sort out the ridiculous AD bug that causes obscene damage even with physical resistance, or actually implement a fair war system…or even actually make Ajax useable on a high lvl base. 


My dead horse is a puddle of bubbling pulp at this point, but this is a big problem when you level up very fast, and way less of a problem when you level up slowly. If you’re going slow you can focus on one or two heroes at a time and upgrade their gear and have it be usable for a reasonable amount of time before you have to do it again. You’ll probably always have a few heroes that lag behind others, but it’s manageable. It’s also a nice counterbalance to the P2W model: you *can* gem your level up as fast as possible, but it comes with risks. A player who levels slowly and doesn’t use a lot of gems can stay upgraded on offense with less heartburn.

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