why i cant get skulls??

i am in the war map, i fight i never see skulls, i been in alliance for awhile, so why i cant get skulls, i fight no skulls, and i never see any for myself, u guys glitched on game for certain people, or what, i want my skulls

Have 3 ipads …2 I have run thru and defeated the opponent 100% with no skulls,the 3rd I just completed a battle 100% with skulls ( did a second run …what gives Flare???  Last week consistent disconnects and now this…some one sleeping at the job???


Please note I have checked to see if there were any updates I missed and have also shut off the ipads and restarted with no joy…in fact when I select a player to attack there is no skull amount looks just like a normal attack …


Hope the alliance does not loose this war due to your inept ability to ensure fair game play!!!

Far as I can tell it appears that this issue has been resolved…any idea on what caused this glitch???

I have this problem one i;three or four times: i fight in the war, but when i win i get no skull reward but just the ‘normal’ reward. When i attack again I do get the skull reward. 

I start the fights from within the war always the same way, why does the game think sometimes it is not a war attack?

anyone has this issue or a solution?