why i can't reinstall the game

my game uninstalled by mistake I tried to reinstall it from windows store but I can’t reinstall it. i’m using 3G connection but it  shows slow net

try again. maybe use 4g. it should work. or use a different device. sometimes my laptop does not work with rr2. so i just use my phone for war raids. next day my laptop decides to let me use it. 

Windows Store have a problem since many build. I have the same problem when I try to update my app. You can have a really fast internet speed still your install or download gonna be so slow you have the impression its stuck but no. if i have 40 update to do with 20 game in that list can take me all the days.Depend of each time sometime windows store dowload well and sometime you have the impression to have a slow internet speed


I reseted my windows and download it. it worked.