why i dont get vouchers from my vouchers friends ?

hello everyone , i want to ask that my old voucher friends when i have 2 or 3 only , they earn more vouchers for me like 125 210 . like that . but now i have 12 vouchers friends but i get only 1 voucher for every acheivement of them , please help . and sorry my english was not good enough . Thanks

what is your level? I am level 92 and have 19 voucher friends, i only gain 1 voucher everytime they level up and they get 22 if i level up.

i am on 49 level . ok so when they enter us code they will get more vouchers if we enter them code then we get more vouchers . may be i get vouchers from that one friend whom i enter code .

They have definitely stopped the vouchers. I use to get 40 vouchers everytime my other account got some but now I don’t get any at all