Why I earn different amount of gems when I get scrolled?




Why do I earn different amount of gems when I get scrolled? Here is a pic one time I earn 1 gem and sometimes 2 for the same scroll which is TR



Depend the level of the scroll the guy has for example: (take this as example not as real values) a time warp lvl 3 that cost 12 gems max give you +2 gems when he uses it, instead the other guy maybe has time warp lvl 1 and it give you only +1 gem. So depend on the level of the scroll he/she has = depend on the King lvl (since scroll level up automatically with king lvl).


I made the example of 2 guys with different levels of scrolls, however your pic is refered to 2 different guys or is the same person?

Thanks for ur reply! :slight_smile:


ANd about my question it’s for the same guy

Here is another player too now


Mhh so if it is the same guy sound weird the thing, maybe he leveled up and increased his spell (time warp), can be an option.

So probably there is another thing to count maybe more hard is the base more gems you’ll get? I’m trying guessing since i don’t me too what could be.



You got 1 gem for every 10 gems spent by your attackers.

This applies among all the battles lead by your attackers, not only one.

By example, if you are attacked two times:

1st attacker spent 9 gems -> You get nothing

2nd attacker spent 1 gem -> You get 1 gem

But the same guy used same amount of scrolls in the first attack and second attack, but the amount of gems received are different…so?

Aether is right Pelle. A TW costs 12(?) gems to use. If your ‘received gem count’ previous to both battles stand at 7, one TW would make that 19, receiving 1 gem, resettijg gem count to 9. Another TW would make it 21, getting 2 gems. Resetting the count to 1.

Ah ok so it is accumulated non-stop the count.