why i have to quit

I have a sad tale to tell. one day I went to buy gems and my creditcard was declined. 5 days now I havent been able to purchase anything so when my daily gems runs out that will be the end of my game. Sad cause I really like this game but can’t pay can’t play sorry for any inconvience I just needed to say this thankyou it is a great game

You don’t need those daily gems.

Want to save gems? Just don’t spend them.

Sad indeed that we’ve raised a generation of players that can’t fathom playing a game without continuously dumping cash on it. Sad indeed.


Truly odd… Never once bought gems and yet…yet I at this time have a L10 alliance tower.

What a strange world we live in.


Ooh btw what is the bug or game problem again?

250k towers can be made from the same missions / scrolls. In addition, dungeons and improving on promotions without spending a lot of money for free 500k donation.

Goodness sakes… your credit card was declined because you blow your money on online video games! ?

I know I’m dating myself, but I was a kid when Atari, Coleco, Intellevision, etc. were current. If we wanted to play a game, we bought the cartridge.  There were no MMORPGs or even a way to save your game.  if you died, you died. restart the game over at step 1.  IF we put any real money down, it was because we went to the arcade and plinked in a couple of bucks in quarters to the old Ms. Pac Man game!  I’m from Michigan, so all we had to do was go around the neighborhood and collect a grocery bag full of bottles (10 cents a piece) and we had enough for about an hour’s worth of play.  Who goes into debt playing video games, unless they have a degenerate gambling problem!  For $50 worth of gems, I can put food in my family’s mouths for a week!  Your tale isn’t sad, thinking you couldn’t possible play the game at all if you don’t have your precious gems? THAT’S sad!

There’s a lot of us who play free, either by choice or by principle. Believe me, there are some times when I wish I had some gems, as I would be in a much better position than I am in now, but I have a great team I play with, we are here for the fun and challenge of it all as a team, not for the personal benefit of ourselves. You CAN play the game just fine without spending any real money on it. You just have to be willing to suck. it up and take a little time to build your player instead of jumping into it quickly and losing money. 

Consider this: You can spend hundreds and even thousands on this game trying to improve yourself, but… the video game industry is fickle- if another company comes in and buys flare (or, they shut down), they could very well shut down the game and what would you have to show for all that money you spent? You would have no way to play the game anymore and no real money for real life.  I used to play a MMORP game similar to this through facebook called Superhero City.  The company that ran it got bought out by EA games, who said it wasn’t the direction they wanted to go, so they “sunsetted” the game, in other words, let it die out. No more updates, no new features, no support.  After a certain date it was just turned off, never to be seen again.  All the people who put a ton of money into their character now have nothing.  Nothing but a memory.  If you play without maxing out your credit card, you can still have fun from the challenge of the game without feeling buyer’s remorse when the game eventually does end somewhere down the road.

 OK, I’m done with my rant. I think I broke my soapbox anyway… 

problem is msn not card need gems cause i die a lot cause i fight higher players i could play safe but where is the fun in that


So your saying it is fun to give gems to other players that you lose to? If you are a very low level take it from me you will get your a** stomped fighting higher players. I learned that real early in the game. There are plenty of ways to earn gems without paying for them that free players use. For me it is more of a challenge to play for free than just buying my way to the top.

A good suggestion is to start using the tiers that are setup in the game to determine level in which you should be fighting at that you win 100% of the time in which you start building better gear and building upgrades. Play ninja, pro, festivals, and collect daily rewards even if you do not play that day. I would save pearls until you have a grasp on what to enhance with them. 

the way some people play this game, it’s kind of a crapshoot.  I’ve played “high level” players and cut through them like butter, and I’ve played “low level” ones that tore me up and spit me out.  It’s all about strategy the higher you go.  I started off strong and got too big for my britches.  I"m still playing catch up, but I have my moments ?

The last week or two it seems most of my fights ended up as losses, and I burned through the gems I had like nothing as I kept resurrecting myself.  I finally reserved myself to the fact that fighting players ten levels above me wasn’t working anymore.  If I get stronger, sure, I’ll try again, but I’m a glutton for punishment.  I"ll keep biting those 10-12 trophy fights that knock me back to reality. ?

Good luck to you either way.


The bug is the game doesn’t let him use his blocked credit card, I guess.

This. It’s where the “git gud” phrase came from. (I know this comma wasn’t supposed to be there but never has a typo turn out so appropriate. :wink: )