Why i leave OR (15 characters)

Makes sense, hopefully they consider this. Best wishes

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I have no proof that there have been deals between Hispanics and Spartans but it is curious to see how Hispanics had a good chance of finishing in the top 3 this season and blew it by not attacking the Spartans. If our team had a chance to be in the top 3 I assure you we would go for it. Bad strategy or deal and seeing the potential of Hispanics I decline for the latter.

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If they would have made deal then both spartans and hipnos would have been ended with same no. Of tourches and you were seeing hipnos in top 3 right now they didn’t moved to another alliance may be because they don’t wanted to be doubled , because if they have moved to spartans spartans also have had attacked them and then insted of your alliance they were got doubled. And this reason is enough to not switch attacks in middle of war where 2 alliance are drained and 1 is full of furies.

No, because we defended very well the first day of the war, in which we won our attack and our defense against Hispanics, that is, the three alliances were similar in strength. If they had defended their 3 skulls island and attacked the Spartans in the 2 skulls island they would not have lost so many torches, and in that scenario we could have tempted the Spartans in their 1 or 2 skulls island, so they would still have a chance to be in the top3. IMO

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May be they have doubts that if you guys still focoused on them ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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just for fun ^^
new highscore: 19 raids (one attack in war) in 1h09. (if it was similar speed over one day it would be 396 raids a day :D)
485 trophies in less then 5 hours… nice one OR ^^ :smiley:

@CaptainMorgan just so you can see how far it can be for some players !

(about +6k gems in 17 days though :smiley: … I summoned the raid bashing infinite invoc power )


damn, i can t go to bed, just got a new one!
18 raids in 44 minutes!!! (-129 trophies i will not post it, i m too lazy)
this is in average 576 raids/day :smiley:

So this is about -3k trophies in 17 days (i was trying to resist for about 7-10 days, and not attacked more then 10 times since a week)


If you made your GK better you’d probably get more gems and less trophy loss, least you can make a large gem donation to TXPhalnx. Although many use tartarus which is very cheap and instant GK death.

i dont blame the forge and rebalance is something for the developers.
builds also change (like the choice of powers or units or heros) through the game. early/mid/late game are different. why de.g. you want to hold on midgame perks?

if there is something to blame its bc it is so/too easy to make and maintain and use several accounts for different reasons. e.g. those last minutes attack would not feel that bad if there would be real 50 people needed and no autoplay possible. or why there is a real need for a system emulator that is not official maintained/released. or just sitting in an alliance to get/collect gems for a later usage. and so on.


What if I told you that, in SPATHA, the number of online accounts during last-minute attacks is equal to the number of real persons behind the screens? In our team, no one’s AP-ing behind multiple screens with emulator.

Multiple accounts have been a fact for long, and for different purposes. Let people enjoy the game they want to play it. You sound like things that you don’t like are necessarily evil. Forbidding AP then who would play Cadmus? Imagine manually pressing the Dragon Tooth every 6s, manually call the 5 units?

You hate AP and play in manual exclusively makes your opinion highly biased. Do you know that it’s much easier to build Heracles to beat any GK than building Cadmus to do the same task (not talking about AP here)? Taking Heracles and go top-down 100% everybody in wars is risk-free and requires much less skills than doing the same thing with Cadmus. Have you ever looked things in this perpective? And you think that AP+2X speed makes it faster? In fact, 2X speed is only about 1.5X speed in real time (the double-triangle was never defined as “twice as fast”), so actually my Heracles and smoke Phil’s GK faster than my Cadmus, FWIW.

As a matter of fact, I leave my Heracles at home and bring Cadmus to war. My Cadmus has the potential to beat any GK, but I am not sure to be able to carelessly do it (i.e. AP) all the time. That’s how I enjoy the game. I also want some risks that require skills. And sorry, playing Heracles in manual requires little skill, other than the fact that you need to drive the hero manually most of the time.

That’s why I am asking for rebalancing, so that even if every hero can have the potential to beat any GK, you still have the risk to lose of you are not careful.

To have un-biased (as possible) opinion on a certain matter, you need to be on both sides, to complete your perpective. I am a 2nd generation player, so I know the feeling of a new player who need to catch up, but I also know the feeling of an old player vis-a-vis the 3rd generation players. I play manual and AP, actually, all heroes. I hate deals in wars, and was in one of the most heavily deal-based teams in TL. Now my team is deal-free. All this doesn’t mean that my opinion is any better than yours (and what’s better means in the case of opinion?). But next time, please, with all due respects to you NaN, avoid the “forbidding AP” kind of suggestions. It’s simply not up to your standards.


first i was talking in general, sorry if it looks like criticising you personally.

where did i wrote above “forbid AP”? and how do you know my standards?

so you can quarantee this? can you also guarantee that none of the player is using another account in another team regardless which league? and your team also did not do this in any time before?
now maybe a network has been installed s.t. it is no longer needed for this one SPATHA team, but you cant deny that it is still in use on a greater scale.

did i really write “i hate” somewhere?

oh i know how this feels ^^ button presses are muscle memorizes by time and button places, i even press and spawn units even if they never can reach the gate.

you cant do something else inbetween. so yes playing two or more accounts would be harder.

whatever. you know i respect you but i also stopped suggesting stuff, at least i try to. but i do remind of some stuff, yes. ^^

Sorry to change the wording, but how about this below?

I just regard you as a nice and smart person. That’s it. No offense here.

You are so much into the spy conspiracy. For the spying aspect thing, is there really a fundamental difference if 1 player sends his 2nd account to another team to spy, or if he just sends his wife’s account to spy. 2 persons, no multiple accounts, right?

Spying is part of the wars, and strategies. You don’t like it. Fine! But combatting against it as if it were cheating, while it’s not against the rules, is what I reproach you. What you don’t like isn’t necessarily evil!

so as a reverse conclusion you like it if people manipulate other as it has to be part of the game bc it simply cannot be prevented (and yes, those rules are meaningless. sadly.)? and so you dont combatt it, maybe also welcome it?

I don’t mean to break in to the conversation (ok maybe I do!).
We’ve talked about the suggested before AP vs manual. Again I’m siding more with @NaN NaN in the aspect that manual should be rewarded more if it has no extra speed option.

Heroes like Arty and Ajax hardly ever get developed not just because the resources needed could be used on other heroes powers but more because you can’t effectively play them in AP (unless you have tons of DR).

I had the idea that if you use different heroes one after the other, there should be a trophy bonus for every different hero used. Would then not be so beneficial to just send Athena around the map endlessly.

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No NaN, you got me wrong here. What I reproached from you is the way you tried to fight against things that you don’t like, things that you think that it’s not noble.

As an individual, we appreciate each other, we respect each other, you know it.

In most cases, we like the same things, and we hate the same things.

What I reproached you is about the way you talked about what you dislike.

I don’t like spying, so I don’t send spy to other alliances. It’s that simple. We did feel like we had spies in our team from time to time, so we stay vigilant. It’s part of the game. No crying, since it’s part of war system.

We don’t have ppl in front of multiple screens to AP for last-minute ambush, we try to motivate ppl to gather and do such thing. If we lose against a team, say, with many guys with multiple accounts AP-ing with emulators, then we would have a good laugh, and praise them to be even crazier than us. And what would we do? Recruiting more guys who are as crazy as we are, because in the end, multiple accounts or not, the number of accounts is the same, don’t you think?

If something isn’t part of your ethics, it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong, NaN.


“If you made your GK better you’d probably get more gems and less trophy loss,”
Thx for that pro tip :smiley:

I was willing to open all titan sea chest from last week, so i just connected to my account (no connexion since about 20 hours).
Last 20 raids are within 1h26 with only 8 wins at 100% (including 3 times hades, so stealing 0 trophies); 9 times i had 90% (but 5 taking 12 trophies), so i think my GK is pretty fine for my level and yet I lost the following number of trophies :smiley:


-2380 trophies in 20hours ^^

@CaptainMorgan : i think that if you fix that garbage matchmaking, you will keep much more players from the pool of averaged players (not representative of people talking on forum). Even if i was still willing to play, only that issue would have made me stop the game (and now it is an heavy confirmation of my decision ^^)

Good bye all!


Sad to see you :frowning: go bro. I don’t know why match making mechanism is so weird in this game. I have seen players with 33k trophies who are only level 131(I have checked their scores they don’t get attacked so much) but your trophies going down so fast.

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tl;dr Thank you for your frank and interesting explanation of your reasons for leaving. We are obviously sad to see you go, and perhaps later down the road we will have addressed enough of your problems with the game in order for you to return, even if only casually. If not, then we hope you enjoy spending the additional free time wisely! Zelda IS a REALLY good game, so we totally understand. /tl;dr

We agree that one of the biggest problems is still matchmaking, and we are working on improving that, although the change we are making is multi-stage and taking place over several updates, in which we also address other issues.

We understand that once you get to the endgame, there are a lot of options for players to really max out their gear, and with the current balancing, perhaps it it quite difficult to make a challenging defence. There is a a paradox at play here: the best defensive player in the game should be able to make an unbeatable defence, however, the best attacking player should be able to beat all defences. There needs to be a balance, and we have definitely not stopped tweaking balancing in the endgame in order to find that balance. Although anyone can do loop-forging, crating a good set of well forged items is still not something which is easy to do, so we are glad that players who take the time to do this are rewarded with strong builds.

We do intend to make it possible to catch up on Fame, with hard work, over a long time. It certainly would not be fair to be able to catch up with top players, who have worked hard over many years to get to where they are, without some hard work on the way. The most likely way we will do this is to allow more adventures for lower Fame players.

The feedback about grinding is useful, yes these topics have been brought up before, and once our matchmaking changes are through, we will look further at improving the grinding game.

With the Wars, we understand that it is not necessarily fun for casual players to fight in the TL. We would like to implement different game modes further down the line, but at the moment the War system is the only inter-Alliance gameplay. Titan League is meant for the best, most hardcore players, and therefore fighting in TL will result in a tough, hardcore experience. The most honest thing that we can say is that if you want a more casual approach you should not fight in the top league.

Thanks again for all the feedback, and good luck, even if we don’t see you again.


@CaptainMorgan I want to show you a screenshot(this is not my battle log) to tell you how unbalanced game is in late stages.

A level 131 player is able to beat down a fully maxed out defense of a 150 level player who has 40k fame points while the level player has only around 15k fame
You do have agree that defenses were never good enough to stop good players to beat and now with loop forging players are able to beat some one who is playing 20 levels above them is quite unreasonable in my opinion.
I don’t think so that best defenses and GK build are being rewarded in current system.
I hope that you can buff the damage of the towers to make them strong again and please buff gatekeeper greatly too.
I am finishing my every battle within 90 seconds ( and still left with around 120 or more seconds time) now with my best heroes, which tells us how bad defenses are now.