Why i still collect exp after lvl 130?

As title, why i still continue to collect exp even if i’ve reached lvl 130? Is that some kind of bug or you just want us to prepare for 10 more exhausting levels? @GalaMorgane @flaretara @nikko


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Wasn’t 120 max before ? There is a big possibility if once they increased level cap, they might do it again in the future :slight_smile:

at flare, they like tears - and many tears will flow when they increase level cap, and revert the xp amount back to the level 130 amount for anyone over it.

Yeah you ain’t gonna get to level 140 right away with the extra exp you’ve accumulated. But you’ll be able to with a one-time ultimate Exp Pack for just $29.99.

I am not surprise if its a little sneak peak of what version 4.0 will add. Pass 130 to 140. Many have said top player have nothing to do. So with version 4.0 top player will have to farm EXP for level up.

How did you go up from level 128 to level 130 in few hours?

  1. Buying warrior package

  2. Spending tens of thousands of gems to level up

  3. Making a lot of battles using XP gear and/or food gear and spending gems and/or vouchers to fill your sylos

I hope level 130 is still the maximum.

Unfortunately, yesterday I leveled up (i.e. 108),  therefore I will try to level up again before the end of this community week.

3)  :grinning:  3h about for the last lvl 130, i had only 15M left for lvl 129. So it was quite easy.

Can anyone who was previously at 120 when it was the cap, confirm whether their exp got carried over when it was increased to 130? I suppose a similar mechanism will apply if they increase the cap to 140 or 150 then.

Even no doubt willbe update very soon

I hope it will stay at level 130. Capping everyone to the same value will be unfair and giving those „older“ level 130 players with a lot of extra XP collected an instant upgrade will also be boring.

Plus, last time Flare messed up the values of the new Item levels that came with the last level update.  So, probably not easy to extend that correctly or even add new Item levels.

Yes, LacunaC, when the cap was increased to 130 there were several players who instantly became lvl 121 or 122.  The same will surely happen if and when the cap is increased to 140.

There are already players with over 5 billion xp, one I know is close to 7 billion xp… so that surely is enough to instantly be lvl 140 if the cap is increased. 

If 10 levels are added, it would ask 2 150 000 000 xp to get there starring from 130.  Same thing as with ally upgrade : last 10 levels asking the almost thesame as the 60 (ally) or 130 (hero) before.

in this case if level 140 is added. Flare should add the X4 XP in Alliance Party for each Alliance Party and not only the one during community week

or x2 for each weekend


Think Cromka is allready lev 150?

Nope, i will be 132-133 i think

im toooooooooooo lazzy 

I am not sure about this info! several? who was that players?

09 Jan 2016 was told, IRAN POWER is the only one level 120 hero

22 Feb 2016 released level 130 update

This event will be till Saturday.

in the friday will be 300% war boost xp


how many will be war raid then?

9 mln?)