Why I stopped buying gems

Well flaregames, fair and square I’m going to give a feedback about the ridiculous traps you lay on paying customers - just spent 1500 gems by misclick (no confirmation, seriously?) on a cooldown reduction. Since well, this is the case, I don’t think there is point in buying any kind of gems if you didn’t create a confirmation dialogue on purpose.

Tricky trick Flares are implying with those green buttons. Don’t think they will change it, cause greed for cash is stronger than common sense there.

Hey try to ask to get back the gems to the support, they will if it’s an happy day for them. otherwise they give you back just 500 gems as happened with one of my member with the same issue.

I don’t try to defend Flare here but If we look in a different way I never saw this in any game. I play Wartide no confirmation sure its Flaregames but i play too a very similar game call : Magic Rush Heroes and when you use gems there is no confirmation too. I have downloaded last night a game call Final Chronicle and I spend by mistake 70 gems. I have try many games online and no one have confirmation. I have play in the past Cloud Raiders and no confirmation 

This feature don’t exist for one reason : that bring money to the developer. Marketing 101 i guess

Will they give me gems for a mistake in forge speed of Knights by 1500 gems, can you believe it? 

It happened few months back and I did not know if there was a way to contact support for this matter.

FG support…any comments…of course you might have the data.


I play the mobile version of Dungeon Keeper, it has a confirmation cooldown button.

I have never got a good reply for Flare on any issue and have spent a lot on the game. I am more upset with the all the bugs vs accident I may have made. Plan on spending a lot this month on the game. Wish Flare would show more care for their players.

Thanks for replies. For people who asked, they stated clearly:

I would like to suggest the 4th reason, for sake of FAQ completeness:
-We have deliberately placed no-confirmation gem waste button in common places hoping we can trap our customers into spending gems in a way they don’t want


As a sidenote, how ridiculous is this first point “Maybe someone else did this” repeated 2 times :wink:  That would definitely be the first thing I’d do when I notice someone elses RR2 running, spend gems on cancelling cooldown!

That is a standard line from the support, @Koliat keep going behind them, you’ll get your 500 gems. Something is better than nothing. I have a lot of gems, I must not access the upgrades screen.  :open_mouth:

They not only not give you a confirmation dialogue, but place gem costing buttons on the screen
exactly where they expect you to “misclick” in certain situations.

E.g. in CoF, when you don’t have the inventory space for an item, they place the 500 gem button
to buy one exactly on the lower middle chest, right where a lot of people click for the next chest to
open. After being trapped a few times, i changed my opening order to the upper three chests. That
saved me 1500+ gems so far :grinning:  It takes a while to instinctively use the upper line, but it’s worth it.

Or the same situation when getting an item from opening a chest: there they place the 500 gem
button to buy an item slot right “under” the button for keeping the item from the chest: that catches
all those who double click instead of a single click, when their inventory is full. More precise: a slow
double click, that has a too long pause for a fraction of a second and instead counts as two separate

You can easily spot these purposefully placed buttons (or their surrounding frames), when they are
off center. Use that knowledge to develop a habit to hopefully avoid wasting gems :slight_smile:

Refuse to buy gems may be the better solution, though. Otherwise nothing will change …


This happened to me today, where I was trying to upgrade an item and mistakenly clicked twice and wound up spending 2200 gems. That’s $20 for a misclick.

@PicklePete sad to see this, but this is common issue. It’s symbolic that Flaregames staff, otherwise active on forums, magically decided to not notice this thread. Not even a symbolic “thanks for feedback we will look into it” bullshit :grinning:

Call it what it is. A scam. Essentially it’s fraud and thievery.

You know what else is thievery? The crappy uber chests. I opened 20 of them this week not a single usable item, including opening uber chests from the 10 pack. Also I receive very low pearl value items in chest. Many lower than 30 pearls.

Don’t know, feel like many institutions around the world, the management gets confused between a long run and survival. So they think of getting quick bucks till the glory lasts.

Guess, FG is in that mode now. They need money to fund their other projects, who better to milk than the RR2 players who have so much attachment to the game. Throw some peanuts and then the players will do the rest to make sure the main game survives. When some other game takes over the mantle, this game will slowly be left on its own to die. However, it seems less likely for the moment.

@Imanoob31-The purchase of uber chests becomes more or less inconsequent when you already have good items. It’s good for newbies. Once your king is at high level you will definitively get good items (I hope so). I can be wrong. I too thought the same and bought a 10 pack this uber granny event. Now, I will never do that.


1500? Chump change. Wait until you accidentally click upgrade King level. You’ll weep tears of gold.I lost 8500 gems.