why is flare matching up alliances in war with member counts not even close?

U think we are going to play our tiny 2 percent bonus all day, all night to make up for someone who has to play 3 battles in 9 mins and can log off and enjoy life?? Why would they think a 54 member alliance versus a 48 or 50 is fair, are they nuts? I would also love for someone to explain to me how an alliance like hoang-sa can play 3 tiles all at once and get 85k in each, while another alliance who only has to concentrate on 1 tile still can’t beat them, as they add 2000k skulls anytime u get close to them…please don’t convince me they were controlling 3 tiles with 10 inactive members and just gave them a call when they had to login to do their 3 battles either lol. I smell tons of…well u know.

The participants of a war are not based on the # of members, but rather the # of fiefdoms currently owned. Flare distributed the initial fiefdoms based on trophy count. So two alliances who had 100k trophies would have the same number of fiefdoms, regardless of member count. If you are fighting a battle against players with many more members, it is probably because their members are lower trophy count, so they received the same # of fiefdoms as you. Eventually it will even out a bit, as all consecutive matches will also be determined by fiefdom count.

I agree, more (active) members is almost impossible to overcome via the 2% bonus for fighting. It seems slightly unfair, but it is probably the best way they could have done it. Eventually, alliances who do well in the wars will eventually gather fiefdoms and battle other alliances who do well in the wars.

I guess Flare is expecting everyone to level up their alliance and get more members lol

thanks for share