Why is Granny Event running?

So it seems Granny Event is running, yet no announcement on the Forums. Just a hint on FB last week something might happen.

This is so frustrating. If you really want to do something after last weeks disaster, do it right and announce it properly!

Is this part of a Community Week? @GalaMorgane @flaretara @Archimedes

Aghhh, where is the new update with event notifications so we can stop this nonsense of not knowing what’s going on with events.

Yea can confirm, Granny event is going on… Is this event official or maybe their way of reducing the rates?

Also I can comfirm it. Checked and yes, granny is active.

You’re right. I though they reduce the original price for Hero item slot when I try to save an item when my slots is full just now. LOL


@GalaMorgane Did you rest well? Now it’s time for you to do your job. Please recheck to flare dev team or someone who responsible and wrote an explanation here. Make an Official Announcement if needed. ASAP.


granny event is active,


is this one of the event from community week,since event has started on monday.

it just my doubt…


Here we are ^_^

What does it mean “Granny will kick things of for this week”?

Is there more? This is unclear… @GalaMorgane
Or just boring old Granny Event, known as comminutys least favorite event?


Until Saturday this shit Event? Are you real?

A week of useless event will be painful. You never stop to disappoint FG <3

Haha :).  Great event.  That is what are waiting whole week. Best part:

Oh, and make sure to enjoy these awesome bonuses lasting until this Saturday!

I cant wait to reroll for free. lets do it :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to buy uberchests or slots, one day should be enough.

No need to spoil us. :lol:

This is getting ridiculous, I am sure they must be rolling off a dice and thinking how can we have fun with them - someone’s brilliant idea at HQ to run Granny Event the most worthless event ever… and wait it’s for an entire week!!! Could this game go any lower in it’s standards? This will certainly not sit well with many (even all) of the players that’s for sure

This event would make sense if it was running simultaneously with BS event. 7 days to do what?  Buy a few new slots ? Another week without any event folks, enjoy :slight_smile:

Either it is Flaregames not thinking at all or it is the start of a Community Week and @GalaMorgane did not understand the concept of it and just announced it wrong.

My understanding of “Granny will kick things of for this week” is that there will be other events on following days of this week, in parallel to the Granny Event. Anyway, we’ll see.

Somehow, I am inclined to think you maybe right on this - @GalaMorgane Would you please shed some more light on this, we know how you like to be mysterious and dramatic at the same time but perhaps you can just reconfirm this?



Or FG want us considering stop playing.  When you celebrate something, normally you do it with something everyone likes, not with that the most find the least interesting of all events.

It’s called “history month”. My guess, 4 weeks, 4 events. All of them will run a week(first one doesn’t run a week though). Starting with the granny event is the biggest disappointment. Who needs this event? A day OK, but not a week