Why is Kaiser the only pal that gets bonus perk?

Kaiser itself is already so powerful with it’s damage superceding it’s spell counterpart while it’s CD is the lowest amongst all pals.


So why of all pals is Kaiser the only one getting bonuses in addition to all that?


Not suggesting to Nerf Kaiser, but other pals should get some other bonuses too, like exp or luck or medals etc

That is in fact a good idea. I would exclude skull perk bonus from the list. 

I think you mean in offense, since I don’t see how luck and xp can be used in defense. But other aspects could be given by the beast/pal instead. Kaiser adds gold protection as beast plus as pal he gives gold bonus. Other pals could give luck, xp boost, but also other stuff. A beast with firepower, could increase fire damage in offense and protect somewhat against it in defense. A pal turning troops into ghosts during offense, could add a ghost troop to every wave.

Be creative and it might be a good extension. Now we simply are using 1 or 2 pals, with second abilities it might be interesting to use other pals instead. 



The Nidhogg pal basically has this, but it’s “bonus” is the double damage, fire AND poison

Over time new pets will do more and more - this is called a “power creep”. Game developer like flare need to add creeps in order to make that steady figure… dont expect any nerfs - expect what you love to slowly go obsolete.

Bela is also a creep - as an unmentioned bonus she can turn enemy units to your side like the Halloween zombies do… similar to nidhog and Kaiser, Bela is by design practically better than everything else…

Kaiser is, in fact, too powerful. Having 17-18k on a Sonic Blast single-handedly lets you rush through highest-level tower bases, with which you could’ve previously struggled.

Not to mention the gold boost is very, very good as well. The difference between its Sonic Blast and the regular player Sonic Blast’s damage is higher than any other pals’ counter-part spells, such as Eldrak’s Firestorm, being nowhere near as distant in damage difference compared to players’ Firestorm.

But, I suppose, it may have been intended by the devs. Monks have covered everyone’s survivability for a long time now, it’s very difficult to die being surrounded by several of them, and like a Werewolf or Ogre, who can soak up damage, so defensive pets are no longer needed, at least at the level range I’m at. On one hand, it’s very good, because it tightens the gap between still newer players (lvl 80-110) and the veterans (110+).

Damn, really? I hate and despise the lack of information these devs purposely hide from you. STILL WAITING FOR THE FIX ON MONK’S HEALING RANGE IN STATS TAB, YOU DAMNED DEVS.

I agree with Lacuna, medal boost or perhaps even speed boost could be an addition.