why is nothing done,about the spammer???

Ather,why no action has been take against these spammer??


Because they are lazy. A few more registration steps and limitations posting works.

They create hundreds of accounts very fast and spam like crazy, we are banning like 10-20+ spammers a day sometimes it takes a lot time to ban them as we all have other jobs and lives so we are not on here 24/7 but they do get banned

I think moderators from different time zones in the world would help o.O

are there only two moderators in this forum? Beside you and Opelle i don’t get see others :confused:

There is like 4 for Royal Revolt 2 forums but I believe the other 2 are inactive at this time. Then there is the devs and aether as well so we have a decent group of people. You will be surprised at how fast they spamming gets out of control. I think one time I saw it was left unattended for about 1-2 hours and they spammed every game hundreds of times and with multiple accounts, there was about 25 pages of spam posts in RR2 general alone.

So there is separate moderators for each of games of flaregame!! Well 4 is okay but some more will do help everyone! Coz everybody do have other lives other than forum and they cant give their 24/7 in it. Maybe dividing times would be better.

all they have to do is put a verification step into forum registration…not that tough really…

I don’t know what the way to stop them but flaregames must find a way to stop that. Each day some No life have fun to create strange topic. Look again this morning once again

What the hell is wrong with koreans? Why they are spamming? I don’t understand this .-.