Why is previous max swordrain instakilling ogers now?

I didn’t upgrade my swordrain or oger and looking at damage of swordrain. Hp and resistance of oger they are exactly the same as before.

So what happend? Did they change the way swordrain works?

5.4k damage on swordrain and oger has 50% weakness but 19k hp.

Wouldn’t the numbers say that you actually need 3 swordrains to kill a oger?

Or am I overlooking something here…

Does every target get hit by more than one sword each dealing the damage?

Same with SB. Probably other spells as well.


Flares are lying constantly. They said they added levels to the spells, they did. but in parallel they have lowered the spells strength.

So, you must upgrade fast (cash, come to flares) all your spells, just to get them to the same strength as they were before.


They didn’t make us any favor, they just tricked us all.


Flares, stop lying to your customers!

I’m actually happy with the way Sword Rain works right now… It is a beneficial change, as most 3k+ players rely only on Ogres for defence… and it’s a very hard to counter strategy. This move actually revives Sword Rain. The other way around was to kill the wolves with Blizzard, But you were left to kill the remaining Slowed Down Ogres…


Now you kill the Ogres but are left to kill the Wolves and Boosted towers… No problem! It’s ok by me!

Last time maxed Sword Rain killed normal Ogres… Only Elites were relatively safe!


Sword Rain still doesn’t kill Cannons, and Arblasters are hard to counter because of their range… so it’s nothing broken, just changed… I agree that the numbers don’t add up, though!

I always raided with Swordrain and never really liked blizzard.


But what im trying to figure out here is WHY it works now and not before when all the stats are exactly the same as before, but now you kill the ogre instead of it having 20-30% hp left.

If it good or bad is another thing.  According to the damage of swordrain and resistance of ogre you would need 3 swordrains to kill it.


Did they adjust stats on units and spells without updating them as they show in game?

oh yes they messed with the spells…sonic is nerfed down and swordrain tone hits ogres…have to learntactics again…the heavy ogre base will die

… You didn’t like Blizzard because .??? You don’t have it at max ? IT MIGHT BE A VALID ANSWER. Or never faced a high base. But to get to the point Swordrain seems a huge improved damage . Takes ogres out with a blink of an eye. And given the fact that I’m in an Alliance with troops below frustration (talking about strength ),actually swordrain does miracles.

the thing is that both spell and monster get new levels and that you can improve them by forging.So they tweak the resistance and weakenss + hidden bonus things with most spell/unit/tower to makes it balance in the future.Until everyone have these things at a more advance level, then there might be some weird outcome.


So nothing is wrong here, happen back then and happen now too.Eventually it balance out.

I don’t think my SB is nerfed, I see it’s working just like before.

Lance I got max blizzard but I still dont like it, i take 6k trophy targets with sword and not much trouble

Swordrain is stronger but sonic seems the same to me. Haven’t tested blizzard yet as too busy flaming mummies and frosters.

I like the change. Maxed swordrain could instakill ogres, but not the boosted ones. Now i have a chance again against the boosted up to the roof bases (including ogres of course). As a player without much boosts myself i didn’t even try these bases.

And almost all higher bases used the boosted ogre wolf combo, which indicates it was op and reduced the diversity.

Edward the 7th could not be anymore correct.