Why is pro league system getting from bad to worse?

Another top 100 with 2 chests only.

Here’s Flare’s logic in chronology:

  1. Ranking system:

We make it so you guys can compete fairly and win prizes.

  1. Tier system:

Ohh no we realize it wouldn’t be fair to players since cheaters take up positions and ranks, thus, depriving some from their well deserved prizes. Thus, players get prizes based on the tiers we give them instead.

  1. Weird ranking system

We still can’t really catch cheaters effectively, but we stubbornly do not want to revert back to ranking system. Instead of cheaters just occupying few positions and ranks to affect and deprive few of those who deserve the prizes, we’ll make it so the entire benchmark for score is based on them so everyone gets deprived. I think that sounds fairer.

To flare: just revert back to the ranking system. Cheaters occupying few slots better than them determining the entire league’s score.


True, true and true.

Flare can keep creating new “tier” or “ranking” systems, but the thing is:

If they don’t solve the cheaters problem, by removing whatever “means” there is to do it…

Changing the reward system will never solve the problem, it will just be overlooking it :roll_eyes:


I and members of my alliance have long been playing for boosts…not for rewards)

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Either the ranking or the tier system (the best one) were much better than the current system.
The current system is cheater’s paradise. The top10 is 100% full of cheaters and Flare is rewarding them with the top prize every single week.
How does Flare not realise this?

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I am the only one (in the forum) who has always wanted the return of “old ranking system” (I never liked those 2 younger pro rewards systems).
The aim of pro league is to measure skills of players, not to get maximum pro rewards or maximum level pro boosts (which are only the consequence instead).
Every competitive game must face up to cheaters.

Flare should set up a poll to find out which rankings the players prefer.

If Flare’s concern is to “improve the gaming experience” of players … then you have to ask them.

Personally, I prefer the old ranking :blush:

What annoy me most is that for non-cheating players it became nearly impossible to get a crown nowadays.


On the other hand…

Gold crowns are a good hint that the player may be a cheater :joy:

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Some of my friends have golden crowns but they arent cheaters. Yeah, there are many and but not all. Pr system shall be changed and the rewards shall be given according to the rank…

Since they are stubborn and don’t listen to suggestions for catching pro league cheaters. As developer myself I did suggest to check statistics used during the raid (when raid did finish). They know exactly all values plus stats of hero, pal, spells and troops that should be used. It’s as simple as comparing the used stats with original stats and informing them in human reading language what is altered (when you know the impact, you have also evidence), they are measurable raiding facts.

When one measurable raiding fact differs from original, upload the used stats and check whether this is cheat related or not. When for example there is messed with a fact that helps beating a level, then mark it as suspicious.

Then several methods are there to catch cheaters. When someone for example suddenly can summon more troops than possible or anything is way more strong than it should be, you caught the cheater. In terms of data, it’s peanuts. Just uploading the statistics for comparison will do to gain proof. Then implement some overviews to give direct information to someone checking the changed values to give a clue/idea what happened. For example giving more range to a spell, lower cool down or more damage.

Then you can catch cheaters and confront them. And instead of a temporary pro league ban, ban them from the game permanent.


Except for Flothaboss.

Your post is worth a platinum medal, instead of a like.


That’s why I said “may be” @KingAdityaKumar… If 10% out of those are playing legit, it’s probably already a lot.

Flothaboss is long gone, nevermind about him @REVOLTROYAL :slightly_smiling_face:

You say a very important thing…
I’m telling a little thing here…That’s it…
should not be rewarded as a Rank & Tier System.
Should be rewarded as a LEVEL SYSTEM.
For example…
Level 1-3 = 1 chest
level 4-6 = 2 chests
level 7-8 = 3 chests
level 9 = 4 chests
level 10 = 5 chests
level 11 = 7 chests
level 12 = 10 chests

I think it will be acceptable to everyone.
Thank you.

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Yeah… This seems pretty legit… At least a fix system will be generated, and no more changing stuff, and shuffling… I vote for your solution…

But, if i get 5% in lvl 6, to skip it, and get 100% in lvl 7 and 8, what do you suggest? Will I get 2 chests or 3 chests?.. If there is solution to this kind of skip, I totally vote for this idea… nice one, i like it…

In my opinion you should get two chests.(Something like the Ninja Reward…According to the percentage completed…)

If allocate a Chest for each challenge…If FG does this, it will be good…

I have nothing against the exist system
Do not think all top 10 are cheaters and im sure FLARE banning all cheaters one by one

For me they did t have 3 systems
They still have tiers. But now they have system how to make tiers and its good system for me

I would like they would reduce amount of chests/free crystalls for 1-10 places and would be nice

So for me pro works well, the problems im not enough good raider for pro and still think pro is not for top players, cuz mostly top playing one combo only.

Instead of others who are trying to show themself as very smart who can can catch cheaters- there are only one cheat/exploit none can catch is using here, im sure

Its the guys who plays many gadgets.
And its unreal to find.

So for me its all fine.
Lets see whats others will say

WORST WORST WORST!!!.. previously, it was only cheaters… now it’s servers too… SERVERS are also helping pro leagues suck up… :angry::angry::angry:

“Pro league is supposed to identify who is a better player…” they say, but if servers won’t let me complete my challenges, how will I be judged???.. Irony is, it’s called ‘judgement day’… and nothing will be judged… no one will be judged…

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May be there should a cap for how many times you can get to the first place. Say once you are within top 10 then you cannot play next proleague or for a month

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Pro league is one of the main places where people use real money to buy gems and hence pro ticket… In other way, RR2 earns through pro leagues a lot… Your suggestion sound real good, but it won’t be implemented…