Why is the Granny's market unfair? 15% discount to some users and 50% to others

I really don’t understand which game mechanic defines the percentage of discount when the Old lady decides to have her sale. BUT it;s been long long time since I saw a 50% while other users get it all the time! WTF?!

Just the other day i got 94% on a dusty lava sword.


94%?!! how many Gems was it before the discount? Also what is your King Level?

it was supposed to be 758 gems but i got it for 46. my kings level is 88.

Currently almost every day, every time I go into the game I get an offer of 49% or 50% of a legendary item. Always tickles me to take them but I prefer to keep the gems because i’m still level 56 and not worth it for the moment to buy them. :grinning:

yeah, and its better to use gems for buying workers than items as you get great items for free in cave of grave goods or fortune chamber.


Talk about a bargain! Hey that’s less than filling up the stupid Silo! I never got such an offer  :angry:

well, i guess i’m extremely lucky.  :grinning:

i live in texas.


I’m 87 currently



I think is most likely to be relative to the number of stored gems. If you have a massive amount you don’t get any discount, if you have plenty enough you got bad discount and you are short of gems you get a very good discount, making you want to buy gems. The hole game is based on that greediness…can’t say they are wrong even though I would love if it was different.

Hey guys:

Great topic; please check out the thread where this discussion is already going on:


well, its not based on king’s level as on that we’re almost the same. its 88 for me.


OK time for me to spend those Gems


Well, it’s a theory. Let us know if it confirms

Level 65 king here.  Previous sales were ~50%.  Latest sale is ~33%.  I have roughly 1000 gems.  Cannot remember what I had previously.  Region is USA.


Perhaps with enough data we can determine how Granny decides what discount to give.


for the last month I’ve stayed constantly within the 2000-3000 gem range and I’ve seen only 15% discounts showing up… oh and the freaking Builders Pack, I HATE it so much but it won’t simply go away!