Why is the Granny's market unfair? 15% discount to some users and 50% to others

The reason you get the builders package Evelthon is because all the other packages cost fewer gems than you already have and the game won’t give you a package you can afford :slight_smile:

So you got a package when you had 2000-3000 gems ???

Yap i hav to concur w some opinion here.

Ever since i purchase tat 1050gems 3days ago, all tat granny gives r 19% off deals.

No way am i gettin those…

Whez tat 750 promos when i need them huh?


just good few new armors with the low discount  and filled my treasure chamber. The only package that was showing before was the builder’s pack, day after day, and I didn’t want to buy it!

All i want to see is a new package coming in.

So before this granny offer me items at 19% discount but now I’m getting 44% discount ! 6k+ armor with 2k fire shield for 370gems , hmm


The same here! I got some 44% discount offers but nothing really good to tempt me,

Yeah I got nothing worthwhile too , only just bought 5-6 new gears recently and will only upgrade once I’m level 80 something

I am getting the same 45% but i did get couple of awesome ones. a legendary coat that bumped my existing by 980 health and 1100 poison sheild.(Finally i was able to complete my quest and got 1000 gems for it). After that I got another pauldrin for 500 hp and 1000 fire shield. Dont know why the sudden 45% but that was much decent price around 300-400. One diamond league win or 2-3 2nd place will get a decent armor. Most of the others were all useless. I had my 20.4 % wind boots for a long time now and the highest i was offered till now was only 14%


I guess that it’s been a while since you last bought a legendary weapon to get such a big increase, isn’t it?

Regarding the wind boots, is the +20% bonus worth using it instead of another buff? I turned down a similar bonus not too long ago and I’m not sure if I did well.

I have 19.3% speed boots , helps me hit more towers with sonic blast/bladestorm also escape choke points/arblaster.


wind boots is the best mod on the boots. Having the ability to extend your bladestorm/sonic blasts to 3-4 extra towers and 2 or more waves IS MASSIVE! 

Dammit :slightly_frowning_face:

@Evelthon :  Keep your eye open and have some gems in your quest. They will pop up for sure. Wind boots are a must and that is something people agree unanimously.


I got such a big upgrade becuase I only used to buy with gold and only these last two and my wind boots i bought with gems. So yes, probably 10-15 levels of not upgrading my gear got me these nice upgrades. Like i said already, I never saw anythign that even match them after that.


I haven’t seen a better wind boots for more than a month now.

I just bought 19.8 % Wind Boots for 177 gems on the granny sale today it was a great deal. 


Thanks for the advise. I should have double checked the boots before dismissing them.

Also, congrats for refraining to buy equipment with gems and staying a free to play gamer. I’m not that patient though as gaining gold for other upgrades is already a trouble for me

I got 15% - 65% - 40% - 65% in order.

I found big discount come when I have low on gems, less discount when I have plenty of gems.


 Good to know. I’ve getting only the ~44% discount lately while I keep my self low on gems.

By the way, I attacked your castle 2-3 days ago(you had a good loot at that time) but I failed miserably ! 

I have around the same gem amount when I get 19% and 44% off :confused: never more than 50% off too 

I am not a totally free player. I did spend like $100 on this game so far, but i don’t see me spending any more.