Why isn't there a Canadian flag for alliances? (I am Canadian!!!)

OK I have said this before…I am addicted to this game…how ever…I have 2 choices for language selection when creating an alliance…there is the USA flag and the Great Britian flag… some one miss Canada???  We speak both english and french here!!!


I mean no disrespect to the US or Great Britian…but if I’m going to fly a flag outside my alliance castle I’d much rather fly our own Canadian flag!!!


Get with it I’m NOT impressed…


I’m certain you’ve likely missed a couple others…why in such a rush to release an update when it is incomplete…


Can some one please take care of this!!!


Thank you!!!

I guess Canada was just too small to be found by Flaregames! :wink:

I need the Philippine flag to be on there also, hopefully on the next update.

yeah. here in India, we need Indian flag too/  :grinning:

The flags where chosen on the basis of which countries have the most RR2 players. Since the icons are custom made, it is simply not feasible to create one for EVERY nation. Priorities needed to be set and this is what we ended up with.


This does not mean that more flags might not be implemented in the game with future updates, but, for now, there is nothing we can do about this.





at least you have the most important flag The Netherlands:)

Not sure about anyone else…but this sounds a lot like discrimination…ah sorry not enough Canadians, Philipine, and India folks playing this game…so no flag for you guys…come on …can’t you do better then that??? …custom icons…really???


It’s not just about the language thing…it’s the love for one’s country…you know Patriotism!!!


That’s all I’m going to say about that!

There are hundreds of countries, so if they didn’t (for whatever reason) were not able or willing to include all flags initially, it makes sense to include the most relevant flags (based on number of players) first.

Might seem unfair, but honestly when they have to choose some countries, it makes no sense to choose those with fewer players first.


Still, I understand you want icons/flags for your country, too, but those might very well be already in the making… also on facebook if I remember correctly the spoke about another update maybe coming still (if everything goes to plan) this year (before 2015), so they might include more flags soon.


Hoping to see more flags soon.