Why isn't there any event two Friday's in a row?

Usually we have either war or Ninja on Fridays. There wasn’t one last Friday and there isn’t one scheduled tomorrow either. The existence of festival usually doesn’t interrupt this scheduling. Can Flare please reconsider adding a Ninja event tomorrow (Friday)? It will end before Conquest starts anyway so there wouldn’t be any conflict of schedule. Thank you in advance.

Yes, We should have had a ninja this weekend. My team told me today that they are bored. Many are not logging in daily. The lack of ninjas and wars in anticipation for another round of conquest is a lead up to another big let down.

Well they’ve changed the schedule overall. Events that occured on thursday are now on friday and wars/ninja seem to be intertwined with conquest (kinda anyway). I can’t say I’m terribly pleased with this either but maybe it’s to give players a week off once in a while (as in to skip conquest).

The ‘secret’ event, which turned out to be a Festival Event, was very nice and welcome, and per peoples’ votes on the forum.

However… I did not freaking expect them NOT to run a Ninja event this Friday AS A RESULT OF THAT. That was a piece of ***** move. Where the f* are our bi-weekly source of pearls? You REALLY want to force people to buy more gems this way? It’s not gonna work.

You just removed the AD cooldown, after MASSIVE complaints, so don’t think we’ll let you run loose for changing the usual bi-weekly schedule of war/ninja exchange and deprive us of free pearls; one of the only reasons people still continue to play this game.

Well @AzureKnight, not sure why anyone was expecting to have a ninja event this Friday, since the timer has shown that the next one would be in mid September. I understand though, I was a bit disappointed to see that we would not be getting a ninja event for a while, when I came back in the game. That’s by far my favorite event, cause there’s not as much pressure hanging on it

Well, maybe because their communication is POOR and only available on the forums? Maybe 15-25% of players read the forums, and no such form of communication between Flare and us exists within the game.

I was aware that they stated the next Ninja would be mid-September, however, given that Conquest would NOT be happening this Friday AND given the fact that the ‘special’ Festival Event has already started a couple of days ago, I did expect SOMETHING to happen this Friday, you see my point of view?

Maybe a regular war, preferrably Ninjas, but at least SOMETHING that ALWAYS happened on each Friday for the past 2 years, you know, the thing about not breaking a certain cycle and not taking away from people what they’re used to, at least not without properly communicating as to WHY that has happened?

And I honestly expected Ninjas despite the mid-September announcement given how big of a failure the Conquest mode was. You must realize they’re toying with artificially creating new need for Gems (e.g. conquest mode buildings), while simultaneously taking away gold/pearl sources from us, which is what it looks like to me so far at least. You couldn’t make any Gold or gather any EXP in Conquest unless you logged in each 1.5hrs to move on the hexagon Battlefield, meaning the amount of Gold and EXP you gained there, at least compared to a regular weekly War, was like 15% of that. That is a huge downside that not many seem to be realizing.

And everyone can see how important gathering Gold from the first Conquest was, given that they gave +1 upgrade levels on all Buildings - suddenly you need a 100M gold and no way to make it effectively, which further created a bad juju vibe for players.

Not much pressure with the Ninja event is also one of the reasons I like that one the most. It’s a straightforward, simple and enjoyable event, at least for me. But as someone who’s lvl 115, the only thing I care about now are Pearls, and there’s no way to get them reliably without OVERPAYING on Blacksmith melting slots and PRAYING for a Blacksmith Event that happens like once in 2 months. It is another ***** gambling system with diminishing returns that eventually reach the complete zero.

Honestly, no, because your point is to somehow expect to have a War, Conquest or Ninja Event even though ALL ingame announcements for those 3 events have dates that are not August 31th.

This is not a matter of lack of communication, or conflicting communication between the forum and ingame. This is just a matter of you still expecting the old schedule (war or ninja every friday), but that is gone for now.

The new event schedule does not have an event every friday. You can check that for yourself in game.

Madlen explained somewhere that due to some changes they were making on the ninjas event, it was postponed until September.

Here was the announcement:

People have complained since always about how easy it is…

I just hope it doesn’t get impossibly harder like pro-league.

It’s our main source of pearls after all.

I wonder if they are adding @oPelle’s idea into the ninja. You know, the one where the Beast on the Dreadnought is the Ninja Master! That’d actually be really fun and give you more motivation to get to the end!

Yeah, I’d like to swim in a non gravity environment, but no water.

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It would be ideal like boost.

Ninja -> Ninja master.

Zombie -> Evil witch.

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