Why my accounts have been banned ?!

Why my accounts : AX Return and Alex Return are banned?

Why not give me the ACCUSATION ?

At least give me a chance to prove my INNOCENCE !!!

I can’t accept the ban in this way !!!


Hi Alex,


Maybe there is some technical issue regarding your accounts.

Just wait for their response.

I just want to say that Flare isn’t going to send an accusation message to your account… You must submit a ticket and be as factual as possible…


As far as I’ve seen Flare isn’t really ban happy. I’d say patience in presenting your case is your best ally.

Everybody and Bolz (in the other post) thinks that opening a ticket or sending PM to Jona will be meaningful:




You will get NO response at all. And this is because Flare doesn’t think you are a customer to them.


Highly unprofessional!

Maybe only the player spend a lot of money or the one plough a lot of gems that they don’t know, could been their customer

PS: I think a most of player will pay max $5  like me for the stater package or if the second times will be still less , Because everyting will be expensive when you get a lot gems. And will get no more package if the gems is too much!