Why my topic has been Removed?

Yesterday I started a topic but today when I logged I can’t see that

I did reply to eat earlier today, not sure if it’s there now or not but I assume you mentioned names there here and accused someone of cheating, such posts either are removed or locked. If you want to report someone due to cheating you should contact flaregames support.

^^ “Eat” … always thinking of food you are hunny!!

As many time said, if you have any supposition that someone is a cheater/hacker contact the support submiting a ticket: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new not here on forum.

Mag is an eater, does that count?

Oooops, now everyoen knows :slightly_frowning_face: pls report it through flaregames support bunny

I may do so, Mag selling illegally gained Pierogi … at knock down prices for self profit!!!

Care to trade  with vietnamese springroll s ?

^^ “Hunny” … always thinking of the sweet nectar of the bees. So long as they don’t sting you, they should be fine as pets. Make sure you don’t rot your teeth. :unsure: :unsure: