Why no conquest mode for my Alliance ?


@PaSte @Pete @Lisa  why can not enter the conquest may ? and now start 20 day23 hour ?

Same problem here 

Alliance: the two lords , 60+ active member 


why ? no any staff answer and slove for us ?

If the balancing was (claimed to be) tested as much as the Conquest mode, now I understand a lot on how things are going with this game…

Apparently this bugs touch a huge number of Alliance who cannot participating in Conquest Mode :slightly_frowning_face: with a cooldown of 20 days

In this case why not do like OR have do when War season is broken. Cancel it. Fix the bugs and report it later in 2 or 3 days. So during this time give us a trailers and explain us how that work and what to do. Win-win for everyone

Ahh. My alliance also participate but cannot make anu move because of missing UI. Give FG a breake. They have a realy hard time and a lot of things to considder. The saddest thing is that the same situation was in OR a few months ago.

I don’t know a good resolution. Now some have seen and expirienced a new mode so they have advantege.Give a win for everyone will be the worst solution of all I think.


The problem should be fixed now, flare performed a Server Update