Why no info about last pro-shop update???

since the pro-shop wasnt updating for a long time I wanted to buy that weapon with Hero Scream Troop Speed perk but was waiting for an event with cheaper inventory slots first cause im using all of mine, and now the pro-shop updated with no previous warning. dont do that!!!  ? 

btw, can we get the option to pay for new items to be available in pro-shop like we can do in grannys shop?

That was an awesome weapon that you missed.

It’s my favourite weapon in the game.

yeah, i know ? thats what everyone with that weapon in my alliance was saying about it.

but as they always post here on forums about pro-shop updates and there was no info at all about it on last post about pro-league i thought i had more time to wait for an event and save some gems on that inventory slot

The dev basicly announced it…

Someone asked about it since they didn’t  say if the shop would remain same or not and he said  wait for a suprise so obviously it would change.

Also they didn’t announce that it would remain the same either like they always do

announced it when and where? cause i follow the official announcements page for this kind of thing and nothing was posted there about it


imho, it’s both flare and @Blackout’s fault. For one, Blackout could’ve bought that item earlier. At the same time, though, flare still could’ve done what they usually do and announce the changes in the shop. No offense Blackout

yeah i understand that.
i couldve bought the slot and item earlier but why would i pay full price if i had enough time to wait for a possible event that could let me pay only half price for that slot?

U should have sold one equipment to make room lol. Not every equipment is that important 

Btw chloris axe is cool too(speed+slowdown perk) 

Everybody, now focusing on new update

Next time , they will

Come on. We’re talking about the best non-skull weapon in the game. I’m sure there’s at least 1 item in your entire inventory that is not as good as this weapon, that you could have sold to make room.


I understand you were waiting for an announcement, but we didn’t get one this time (we only got an hint in a forum post).

Main problem is people aren’t getting that it’s a shop. It belongs to someone. Whatever he does to his shop wheather he changes the interior or goods…why should he inform u prior to any change. He don’t want to get robbed. So he will let u know everything…let him open his shop again 


once again, why would i sell an equipment that i like if i had time to just wait for an event, buy an cheaper extra slot and then keep both the new weapon + the stuff i already have?

the problem was the lack of information.
YES, i would have bought an extra slot for full price or sold one of the equipments i have if i knew the shop would change by the announcement post like they always do 

Simply put: because it’s not worth the risk of losing the best (non skull) weapon in the game.

You knew the risks, you took a chance and now you don’t have the item.

I understand that you were waiting for an official announcement. I don’t think it was wise to do so at this time (the pro shop was about to be changed, the new update was coming = no events, Gala stepped away from the forums, etc).


Anyway don’t worry too much about it. You’ll get it eventually in a pro chest.

theres no risk of losing items from shop when you get antecipated notifications about incoming shop changes
thats the reason why i follow the official announcements category and even turned on email notifications.

so what do you mean by “you knew the risks”? i didnt, there was no risk! or at least there shouldnt have ?

but anyways, ill just keep using my shark weapon, i like being fast


Well, you had to have known that that was the last week for the Pro Shop, cause it’s been changed about every 8 weeks and last week was the 8th, or maybe even the 9th week since the last change. If I were you, I would’ve sold my worst item and grabbed that sword as quick as possible

You follow the announcements. Did it say, as usual, that the pro shop would remain the same?

There was no official announcement that it would change and there was also no announcement saying it remain the same.

Not buying the weapon based on no official announcement regarding the pro shop was a risk. That’s what I meant.