Why not a Queen for female players ?


You have two different characters, a man and a woman. Why de not to propose the choice between a king or a queen to defend our castle ?

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i’m sorry but that probably won’t happen, good luck anyway :slight_smile:

I have already created a topic about this months ago

I’d agree on that choice for a Female character because a good portion of the players must be female and they have the character model. With some testing they could add the blonde girl that greets you could be used as a playable character. It may not be added based on time and the fact the series is based on the original King but another idea that Flare could try to implement.

Guess that would be nice.

But we can dress up our Kings as a Queen, so I’m ok with it

this would be a really great idea for the game! but I do believe it has been discussed before

created by me!!!

On the old flaregames community jona said to me that 'He doesn’t know why the queen hasn’t been implemented yet and that it might be the reason why his sister hesitated to play the game,

So most likely we will have queen some time sooner or later

This has been one of the most requested features for a while and they have heard you guys, but I don’t know what technical reason is holding this back. Hopefully it does come out tho!

Sorry for this topic created again according Pyromancer said. But, first, I didn’t find the previous topic with the search tool and secondly, this made restarting the subject and show that it is important.




We will see … maybe in a future version.

I fail to see what the hero’s gender has to do with this game.


Im going to go ahead and vote no for putting king in a dress.

complete non issue.

Huck this is less a gameplay feature than a customization and identification feature, maybe comparable to different alliance crests and different hero item colors in function.

As such, I guess anyone should have a choice for a male king or a female queen. Though, despite the queen model is in the game, different proportions might make changes/adjustments to the equipment items necessary to fit to the queen. This might be the main reason why it is not implemented (yet?).


Among other topics, this has already been discussed here:


Reading past things about the King Character, devolopers took months, as i red, to create it… So if they should create also Queen Character (that there’ is still there - the girl that appear in almost any tabs you open) but they should add more animation like running, hitting enemy, casting voice, etc… so probably they are at 50% of the work, but not a 3D movements for her…

By the way i hope in a future patch, they’ll add this important part, because there are women that by now they are accustomed with king character and maybe their boring playlife is dued also to this little thing.

Tis the Queens job to make the king a sandwich , nothing more.

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