Why not aska & nidogg collector event

Now we have to wait a whole month to get uber pal chest and that gives craps most of the time.

Also only 8 member max gets the opportunity to attain the war pal chests(obviously the champs will be top players of an alliance)

Those two things really annoys lower players of any alliance.

Ok many players use real money…They take OTO and gem discounts which make them stronger with less effort…OTO with aska or nidogg is not big thing for them. There comes the inequality. At least don’t do for pals.

Make Nidogg & Aska collector event n bring back life to game.

Which will surely help many free players.

And that is precisely why they won’t do it. Why give things away for free if you can charge for it?

Well yep it’s okay on one-time offers  -_- But at least they should provide basic resources …And no doubt…Aska and nidogg are necessity indeed.

Technically, under an extreme stroke of luck they are both obtainable for free (I got Aska in one of the december chests). The thing is, the chances of getting specific pals aren’t equal, and become less and less equal with each new pal. Hell, even during collector events I often don’t get a single pal, let alone getting anything outside of the Tammy-Howl-Archimedes combo.

Talking about luck … I am very lucky I do have all the pals Flare released till now…But why I am talking here is most of my ally mates don’t have this…Yeah sometimes even collector event don’t give u the pal…In that scene we can think of a diff festival separately…For both aska and nidogg…So everyone can ensure…it :slight_smile:

Why do you want them when you can get Ceres in PL. Doesn’t make sense 

Oh…Really…For me aska is better cause it give troops when I am in tougher situation on a raid…And Ceres is kinda useless if Ur army destroyed…And Nidogg is always better having two damages and black magic effect…U don’t have to worry about troops sometimes…U know u can copy them from Ur enemies  :grinning:

 Don’t know why it doesn’t make any sense to you…Cause Ceres and aska or nidogg are not the same…So why should I care for that  :stuck_out_tongue:

They only do one thing lol… and why should your army get destroyed? Are you that bad at raiding?  And did you never hear about the black magic spell? 

Ceres has 3 abilities. And alot higher moral ???

I am a bad raider ?? For this I will say surely I am not the best…So…Depends on situation…Sometimes happens to me …Troops  gets destroyed… and aska helped me and a install troop…Then I took him…But without aska it would have been tough.

If I have to choose between niddhog or aska I would certainly choose aska.

Got niddhog myself in the One free pal chest you can get each month. Really lucky.

Point is niddhog is nice, but when you are playing with 3 Offensive spells there are most of the Time no troops left to copy and he wasted his ability.

But when everything went right you have a strong Army of LT immune troops.

But Aska is imho much reliable. You get 100% reinforcement. Which make it more Versatile i think.

As for ceres if i had it, I would most definetly use it instead. Having 3 abilities is Way too good.

Why do you have to act like such a dick?  If you want to give him advice there are normal, kind ways to do so.

lol yeah I know, right? In a way what he said sounded like Cromka lol

Of course Ceres and Janus are easier to get -_-Save the tickets and collect the crystals in the professional league.。。。

But I am looking forward to an event where they can exchange them. A collector event is also waiting. :lol:

I am looking forward to becoming a beast. :wub: Asuka and needsheggs are hard to gather。。。


For me ceres is the best.