Why not BM in Witchcraft Cup??

The set up usually justifies the name of each PL. So I was expecting Black Magic as one of spell in this Witchcraft along with necromancer as one of troops. Necro is there to justify but why not BM ?

100% agree.

Black Magic is the only spell to have never been in a PL (correct me if I am wrong). @mLordPk, you make a good point, it’d fit perfectly with this PL

I have never seen BM in all the PLs I have played. 

Also i think they should make a PL based only on pals. 

Yes, this way they could add the Pal Flute to the mix. That way they could force some people to use the most worthless spell in the game :slight_smile:  

Doubt we ever will have pals in PL 

Pal Flute, XP- and Luck-Gear would make much sense in PL.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Blackmagic was in one pro league