Why not bringing monthly balance changes?

Previously toxic cloud was a blessing for all…everyone was using it and did a heavy forging. It got nerfed and people criticized. Then bladestorm was buffed. People forged so much on firestorm and barricades and blockades. So they criticized. Now it is again nerfed and fS buffed. Blunt spells nerfed. People again started criticizing.


We all know. All this was done because many people said again and again to bump up the defense and now they are criticizing too.


My question to flare is why not having a clear policy on balance changes? Do you only want one group of people to give opinion then u make one change…then some other group gives their opinion then another change.

Why aren’t you imposing monthly balance changes? 

In that way I believe all will be assured that their hardwork on something won’t go in vein( for a certain period) and additionally it will add new horizon to game. 

Overall game will be more fun :slight_smile:

maybe because flare doesnt really know how to do BALANCE changes?

do you really want them to break the game again and again every month?

Oh come on ! They obviously know how to do balance changes. But doing it once when people requested or complain heavily and doing it on a regular basis is two different things. The first one obviously breaks the system and morals of many players ( cause it is imposed cause certain group of people requested not all in the game) but the second one will indeed be welcomed by all and get loved by players .

no, but they somehow do it anyway

You have right. each time Flare touch it its even more worst each time. Apparently if I believe the other post about 4.0 Flare have boosted like crazy Firebolt and Necromancer. So I prefer if Flare don’t touch anything anymore.

Look… they are the devs, they can simulate any situation: number of towers, obstacles, their lvl, forging, waves etc. They can copy random or top bases and try them, check how their changes will affect the game and later put them into the game for everyone.

people wont be spending time/money on game which is unstable because upgrading/forging something is like making an investment- you know the rules, and you play respecting those rules and after few months they say: no no, from today black is white and white will be black… someone spend gems/pearls in huge amount to learn its not working anymore :slight_smile:

I don’t know why they don’t do like OR developer do. Test stuffs on personal server . their own testing server and they test stuffs on low,medium and top player and take to test all. what happen if someone have 10% enhanced stuffs, what happen if someone have nothing,etc… majority of time that give positive result. Not always but its rare OR developer do a bad update. 4.0 was not the great one but 4.2.0 have solve the problem.

RR2 team developer should start to test stuffs on private server and try with generate stuffs. Low,medium,high, No perk,medium perk, full perk. No forge, medium forge, high forge,etc… That give the impression they make change without test anything. I am surprise FTB accept this