Why not phoebe in shop?

Why not phoebe in shop anymore ? Is flare afraid that lower alliance also can unlock it, so players have to use more scrolls to defeat bases in war ???.

Not nice that flare destroy the efforts off players trying unlock phoebe in smaller alliances ?.

Not just lower level alliances had problems to unlock the beast. The majority of high level alliances haven’t been able to unlock it. We luckily unlocked it on the last day. Imo every pro pal should stay in the shop forever. Now you can only get her by buying that 3 Phoebe offer for a lot of money

They like ruining goals of many alliances! Just when all want to work had together to achieve something (in this case unlocking Phoebe) they close the door in your face!

phoebe now kills in 2 seconds. it seems to me so it should not be… 

members of the alliance worked so hard and spent so much to unblock it and what? phoebe

closed and closed! he is still useless now, like all other beasts.

Totally agree. We were saving for Phoebe for a long time. Now we even do not know when or if we can expect her back.

Taking Phoebe out of the shop with one day ahead notice again makes this game like a casion game, not a tactical game.

Bring back Phoebe now! Make the Pro Shop bigger, add more items and people will have more reason to play Pro League.

lol, now we’re revolting against the makers of Royal Revolt! 

We want Phoebe! We want Phoebe! We want Phoebe! We want Phoebe!


I also like the idea of keeping all pro items available inside the shop. Players will spend more crystals that way and buy the pro gear they want. I want for example double leadership body armor. Unfortunately it’s not inside the shop and the odds are pretty low to get exactly the item we search for inside a pro chest.

For pro pals this is an absolute must. As a team you can make an agreement amongst members to participate (and then it’s handy to give away tickets) and release a pro beast. But when pals can’t be bought, why on earth a player would spend 25k crystals to buy a pal with intention to donate it on the team? Knowing that flare will slam the door in our face, before we manage to get enough pro pals, is now reality. 

It should probably rotate more often than it does (the current lot of items are pretty poor, so it would be sad to have them for so many weeks), they should keep all the pals though, like they did in the last store, or have a separate section for them (as presumably they’ll add a pro dragon, granny beast, bela, fritz etc. over time).

you’re right, the chances are that there will be more new Pro Pals, but I don’t think that there will be Pro Pal versions of Kaiser, Bela, and Fritz. Those are one time pals. Imo, I think that there will only be one more pal, or at least, that’s all there should be to prevent from copy-cat pals. The only spell that we don’t have from pals is the Time Warp spell. Can’t figure out what a good pal would be with that ability though

I guess flare noticed lot teams have ‘almost’ enough phoebes.  Probably they will now give ‘cheap offers’ to obtain the number of Phoebe a team needed to unlock or upgrade ?.  

As rr2 becomes more and more pay to play, we can expect more of this situations ??

Hey there,

Be reassured that Phoebe will pop back in the shop at some point. She is not gone forever! ^_^


Would be nice to know when we can expect her back.

If the current cycle of pro shop updates keeps the same, it will be a very long wait. What can we tell our people? Save for it or spend on new stuff first?

Think you give the answer yourself.  You only buy things are worth to buy, the rest you save?.  If it takes long to refresh proshop, you can save a lot?

Well, we have a lot of dedicated members who would like to buy phoebe first. Some even bought subscriptions for that or donated tickets to others to achieve the Phoebe goal. They all don’t find it very funny Flare decides to take her out on short notice.

Frankly, knowing she will come back at some point does not help much, that was to be expected (if not, it would even cause more frustration).
So, what would you say to a player who asks you what to do? Buy Janus first or save for Phoebe?

Think you can make as team a goal you work for.  But most likely they will nerf Phoebe on the moment lot ally’s will have her in defence.?

they did it before with spells and troops also

Exactly, cause we all knew the Shop would change “at some point” but we didn’t get a change for a whole month and a half or so. I think something they should add in the Pro Shop is to have the “Pro Shop” be ALL items. But have another button up in the top right that has all the Pro Pals. This way there are more items in the shop and all the pals. Win Win!

I think that when it takes 12+ weeks before the pro shop changes again, a lot of players that were collecting crystals to buy Phoebe for donation reasons, will not participate at all. There is no guarantee that when the pro shop changes next time, phoebe will be in there for sale once again. There is even no guarantee that Janus or Ceres pal are still in there. The pro shop has room available for 9 items/pals, so next time maybe the items will be replaced once again, maybe more.

And since we know that the shop keeps a lot of items in there for a few months, as soon as Phoebe shows up, we have plenty of time to collect more crystals and buy it at that moment. Even when it reappears next time, who guarantees us that it’s not gone for a longer period of time the next time the shop changes?

Why not simply keep items plus pals available? Is it that hard to add a scrollbar or button?

Just imagine, we get a free ticket once in 4 weeks, so we get 3 free ones during 12 weeks (under condition, we collect the ticket in time). So we need to spend 5600 gems for getting 10 extra tickets (2 packs of 2800).

Since I have most pro items I want and the one I am looking for is not available any more in the shop (it was there during first pro leagues, when I only used free tickets), why I would spend 5600 gems for an extreme low chance to get just that item I am looking for, while it’s not in the shop? I already have enough crystals for buying it, when it becomes available. I definitely won’t stockpile a mountain of crystals for this goal. 

Starting to buy tickets plus saving crystals for other pals would be crazy, why risking that this pal is no longer available in the shop before we have enough pals for turning it into a beast? That makes no sense.

To make things worse, I believe they have secretly nerfed the pro chests that are bought with crystals. When pro league was first introduced I get a lot of pro items from the pro chests bought with crystals. These days it’s just pearls and food.

Exactly Dena.

And it is those small things, Flare obviously does not think about when making such changes. This makes many of the games aspects so unpleasant and people thinking bad about Flare. Most of the long time players quitting the game say it is because of bad decisions by FG.

I hope this will get better in the future. But I guess, you will need eight arms (hint, hint ^_^) to change those things and make this game a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Definitley nerved. First they bait you, then they nerf it… Classic Flare tactics.