Why Olympus Rising?!

Hello there :slight_smile:

I got two small questions for you:

  1. What motivated you to start playing?

  2. Why do you keep playing the game?

I played because I liked the concept of RR2 and I found the same here (with a twist)

However, to be true. I like the rr2 more than this because it’s more captivating.

OR will eventually get there, but I feel needs some sort of push to match the levels of rr2.


Why?  I saw a banner on it and decided to check it out.  I’m not sure if I will stay with the game.   There is no chat or interaction- i feel completely alone on an island.  I havent discovered any purpose of the alliance yet.  It is WAY too slow to build.   I can tell I would have to spend thousands to have any reward from gameplay, which is not what i want.   I want free competitive play…  Something I can manage by only logging in a few times a day.   I much prefer other games I have played such as Kingdoms of Camelot, War of Nations, Game of War, etc,etc… Not having chat or a way to message people is really bad…   

play royal revolt 2. It has a good chat tab for the alliance.


  1. This apps was recommended on the apple store, so I cliked on this. The theme and description of the game on the apple store attracted me so I dove in Olympus epic

  2. Having to optimize our own defense and to be able to test ourselves. The game is beautiful, the theme is good enough and the progression is well balanced. I’m excited about to see the next step of my epic journey i’m at the Gorgon Reef). 

Thanks Pyro.  I may do that if i decide to abandon this.  I decided to give this game a try for a few weeks to be fair.  I still havent unlocked many features.  The lack of mail system and world chat is disappointing :(.   Im curious to see if there is any strategy in alliance dominance or if it is just a battle sequence. Sighs.  


As of yet, there are no alliance wars. To be true, I played this game and wanted to continue, but I have reached a stage in RR2 where it takes more time. Obviously, I have to discontinue one. RR2, for now, is complete and has a greater fan base at present.


I joined cause I saw new game in App Store, I’m luving the graphics on game just wish I could fight more and game needs world chat and possibly something so you can message your alliance xxx


You can send messages to your Alliance if you go to the Alliance menu, then scroll to the right and tap on chat!


I know we have chat I just meant it be good if we could inbox a player or whole alliance for giving info, rules etc many thanks though Aether, it’s great we get answers so quick xxx

  1. What motivated you to start playing?  saw it on app store as new games and i like what i saw and downloaded it

  2. Why do you keep playing the game? its addictive i love it… good game play and i love the battle system and base defences and so much more i cant get enough of it.

 Like this

Clan name: were are heroes

IGN: aussie crackafat

I was fed up with network connection delays on the game I was playing so went to the App store and this game was the first one I saw.  Looked interesting, have always liked the Greek gods concept gaming.   Started playing and found the slower pace, RNG concept, plus battle system to my liking.   But it needs battle reports both attack and defense.

  1. Saw it in App Store and liked the theme

  2. I am still playing because the graphics are great, the fighting is fun, and I have started a community within my alliance whom I enjoy playing with, along with some other players too supplement the otherwise lonely isolationist feel the game gives and I’m sorry to say poor chat system/ lack of inbox or world chat is the major culprit