Why on earth did you nerf the gold at this time?!

This seems to be the most totally random thin you could have come up with.

As the trophy system is still broken and very many high level players are way below the trophy range that we should “naturally” be in. I’m level 63 and 2200 trophies I just did a raid and got 48k gold instead of 72k. 

My upgrades costs mostly 1 million plus. So you mean that I should do 20++ raids just to do ONE upgrade? How should I get the ambrosia for this? 

If the trophy system was intact and working as intended it would be a logical time to adjust the gold bonus based on the trophies but at the current status it is in now I can’t call it anything else than madness :/ 

Surely your precious time would be better off being spent at fixing what’s wrong instead of messing up what works?

Totally demotivating to play now

I feel you pain my heros hall is 3 mill next that’s like 60 fights  going to struggle to keep one builder going let alone the 3 I’ve bought with money when I was always maxed on gold then there’s troops upgrades mostly 1mil plus spells spells the same and all my next waves are 1 mil each to upgrade this will make the game painstakingly slow and those extra builders will be wasted now think of how much ambrosia that will cost I won’t be able to keep going unless I uae more gems

Yes exactly. 

They have changed something that worked during the circumstances of unstable trophy system we have at the moment. 

Now they just made everything more chaotic.  Focus should be given on making features stable before they go ahead and try to tweak things that wasn’t really a problem :confused: Now they make the impact of a malfunctioning trophy system hit us higher level players even harder than it already did 

I know and now bases are a lot tougher and we have to have twice the fights

Yep… really regret spending money on this app :confused:

I totally agree with you guys!
When an update is released, the developers balance some features but at the same time they “break” other features which were well balanced.
That’s why I deleted the game this morning.
Good luck guys!


We did a few things in this update which allow you to gain more resources than before:

  1. It now takes much longer before your Heroes are returned to Mount Olympus when other people beat you in battle. This means that islands which are defended by your Heroes can produce more resources.
  2. It is not possible to lose ALL your islands anymore once you have explored a few areas. This means that there are generally more islands which will passively produce resources for you, even if not defended by any of your Heroes.

The Gold you can gain in each battle had to be reduced a bit to compensate this increase in resource production. You should be able to get reasonable amounts of Gold by conquering and defending islands which produce it.

It just doesn’t feel great getting less gold. Really slowing game play down, have to wait “passively” more now to play. I want to play a game not wait while it does its own thing. Why did you guys implement 1 and 2 for? This is what I mean when you change a feature that didn’t seem broken.  I still see really low level players very high in rankings and I haven’t noticed them drop much or at all. Mean while I’m still slipping :slight_smile:  

it wouldnt be a problem if you didnt have to use so much ambrosia to travel from one islands to another, you just wont gain enough ambrosia from islans and temple to keep battling a few times. 

The thing is half of the people I see to attack I don’t want to attack them. A week ago I would have but I don’t see the point anymore. I just attack the people I want to or are on the islands I like. Great the heroes are going home less, don’t have to worry about them as much. This is just incentive for me just to leave my heroes alone if I don’t need to move them as much (keeps ambrosia demand down too). I used to use the gold won from fights to buy chest and keep ambrosia stock piled. They nerfed both of these things I did to keep myself online and playing. Chest only last a day now and I guess I won’t be buying any green chests for awhile too. Haven’t had any issues being short on ambrosia  for fights since update but maybe that’s cause I had a dozen godlike chest that suddenly needed opening in one day. Really the only reason I made so many fights today. Every few hours if I’m lucky I’ll get a god like chest from an add to help top up ambrosia, guess that’ll change to now I said that. I do have to say that flaregames do the best job with adds. Putting a carrot at the end instead of spamming them in your face. I delete every game that spam adds. And flare have me watching, well, loading them up 

I never really had a problem with my heroes getting returned to the olympus but I’m having a huge problem with only getting a few coins per raid.

The problem here is that you introduce the change BEFORE you sorted out the trophy system I’m 60+ but only holding 2200 trophies. Which mean the gold I’m now getting per raid is completely useless compared to what I need for my upgrades.

Fix one thing at a time instead of even making the problems that already exists even bigger 

20 raids ++ for one upgrade? No thanks… don’t have the time and neither do I have the ambrosia to bother even trying this.

If you mean that we now can hold islands longer to generate resources that way then if I now have to put my heroes on gold islands (which I never did before) then I will start hugely lacking either ambrosia or wisdom. It’s a lose - lose situation