Why Only Pennies on the Dollar for Expensive Unique Items?

I recently received a unique item after going through the cursing process only to receive an item that I already had. But worse than this the new item was not as good as the unique item that I had upgraded by way of refining it. Rather than keep an item that I wasn’t about to go through the process of cursing it again I thought I would just sell the item. I thought for sure that I’d get a minimum of one million gold pieces for it considering the fact that I had had to use a 5* Titan item and 10 million gold to curse it. Imagine my surprise and disgust to find that I would get less than 33,000 gold for it. If we just take into account the 10 million gold that I had to pay to curse the item this means the resale value was less than one third of 1% of what I paid. But we have to also add the cost of a 5* Titan item, which 1 million gold would be a conservative number. This means the resale value is less than 0.25%. But I also paid 1,000 gems to get the item immediately rather than finish a challenge that would have taken between 2-3 weeks to complete. This than puts the resale value somewhere around 0.05%. This is absolutely ridiculous, and seems to me that a fairer resale equation needs to be implemented. There are many ways this can be done. A minimum of 10% resale value does not seem unreasonable based on the approximate cost of a 5* Titan item and the 10 million gold paid to curse the item. Another method might be to hold a bi-weekly or monthly garage sale type deal where players are given the opportunity to sell unwanted unique items for gems. A player wouldn’t mind the double item if they knew by holding onto it for a few weeks they could get a few gems for it. The company holds contests from time to time and has no problem handing out gems for it. As it doesn’t actually cost the company any money to give out gems I don’t see why they can’t give back a bit. Getting 100 gems for a unique item does not sound unreasonable to me. Another suggestion is to hold a lottery where players would enter the lottery using unique items. A random draw would then see gems given out to the winners. I personally would rather use the useless unique item to enter a lottery rather than sell it for 0.25% of what I paid for it. A monthly or bi-monthly draw seems to me to be the way to go. Thoughts? Would any other players use your double and useless items for such a draw? Or do you think simply paying a fairer resale value is the better solution?