Why OR doesn't allow players to change thier IGN?

Hi @CaptainMorgan

I have a question for you,why is it that OR doesn’t allow players to change thier ingamename but alliances can change thiers anytime for 500 gems?

I mean It only allows it once after the tutorial,

I have played games that allow players to change thier IGN once a month or some allows it on special occasions or simply change it anytime for premium currency of the game(Gems).

I think it would be confusing. 


First, IMHO, at the start of the account, often players end up putting in atrocious IGNs after getting frustrated by repeated rejections of their favorite play-names. I’ve seen random text like “asdfasdf”, “anon1111111111111”, etc. Seeing how casual/ flippant the play-name appears, I don’t think any serious alliance would want them in their ranks. Perhaps, FG could enable play-name change at a stiff cost of 500 Gems (after 1 free re-baptism), so players think carefully before they (re)name their accounts.

Also, given that multiple accounts for one player are discouraged, the propensity to open sequential accounts like “AriesRising01”, “AriesRising02”, etc. could be prevented by restricting the play-names to letters only, instead of alphanumeric. Besides, this will prevent play-names with sensitive info such as date/ year of birth, which are often banking related (i.e., TPINs, ATM PINs). 

Every player gets one name change. That solves your first problem. (And I’ve had players with really goofy or nonsensical names before  if they can play, they stay. It’s as simple as that)


As you get serious about the game, though, you end up with lists of players you under no circumstances want to accept (because they never participate during war, never donate, run 12 accounts and like sticking spies in as many teams as possible, they’ve been rude to players before, etc…). I like knowing who those players are. I don’t want them to be able to change their name.