why players are leaving after the "big" update

We got the update and all it brought us is frustration. Defensive buffs which was necessary. But apart from that, the update is a huge disappointment. Instead of improving normal wars (change rewards/boosts), they have decided to add this conquest mode. Idea is good, implementation is bad. Needs lots of improvement but it won’t save the game, more players will leave until it’s fun and playable. First of all, cause you have this conquest for 8 days, which have been torture for many alliances, especially leaders/generals, apart from that, everything is still the same. Now we will have war, which is the same as ever, same as before the update. Nothing new. Then we have the ninja event, also same as before. Nothing new. And after seeing the conquest, it won’t save the game. It costs too much time and too much money, to build and upgrade stuff

Instead of taking so much time to give us the conquest, they should’ve improved normal war. But the worst thing is that they took so long for this update and then they brought us this conquest mode full of flaws

I know some will say that they will improve it and whatever, but before we’ll have the next conquest, we’ll have to go through the same old war system and ninja event and many players don’t want that

In general, the update was bad and not worth the wait and that’s why many people will leave the game. Not just cause the conquest was a disappointment, which it was, but also cause war and ninja is still the same. Not worth playing

Long story short, it’s your own fault that players leave

Conquest mode was so stressful that I promoted one of my general to leader and now I am playing as a soldier. Now I am happy and with out stress. :slight_smile:

I agree, it’s very frustrating and disappointing that after months and months of waiting we got an update that was full of bugs and the new mode wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I still believe that many changes are gonna be made in the near future to make this game funner for everyone, we’ve just gotta be a little patient. The flaws in the Conquest are gonna, hopefully, be fixed before the next one. I hope that these changes will bring AT LEAST the following fixes and implementations: Less harsh cooldowns, new war timing to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to attack (or something to fix the flaw of being attacked while you’re asleep and not being able to defend yourself), and other flaws and bugs that have been pointed out in previous topics. We need to give FG a chance to get this update on its feet before we start tearing it down

Gotta keep in mind that we are basicly testing this feature.

They don’t have enough people spread out to test this mode properly themselves and that’s why they opened the feedback thread.

When ninja first came it was rather annoying as well. As long as we all voice our opinions on how to make it more convenient and rewarding and they listen then this can be good eventually. 

But as for now its too time consuming, little rewards and so hard to coordinate especially in alliances where everyone doesn’t speak the same language 

Hi @Macamus / @Domikick

Thank you for your feedback. I have collected everything and have forwarded it.

I hope you have a good day. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s why, when they replied to the complains about the new balancing that they had “a very long internal testing”, I laughed so hard that I scared my dog.

I hardly believe they tested Conquest mode at all and in a serious way. IF, huge if, they did they were online and sleeping in the same time zone lol. How you cannot see the problem of battles which may last maybe 1 hour and the so different time zones among the allies?? I can’t believe it.

The Conquest mode is currently a boring and dumber imitation of Civilization, a 24h Civilization in real time without turns, where even with all your good planning in preparing friendly territory you still need 2 hours to go from far east to far north point of the map (at least at a certain point in Civilization you have railroads…), with towers instead of cities taking forever to be completed (at least in Civilization you have gold to speed it up if really needed…) and towers built in the mountains so easy to camp that are impossible to destroy.

Camping was the number 1 activity in the first 2 days of Conquest mode in my ally. At the 3rd day all of the allies made agreements with each other. Never seen so solid agreements between enemies in this game. Imagine the frustration the generals and bosses have suffered in order to give deals so easy.

There are a number of posts, I added my 2 cents in some of them, so I don’t start making a list of problems (maybe I will in the future in a separate post, way to tired of this game right now). What I can say is that, how it is designed now, this Conquest mode is a nightmare (literally, because it happens during the night too) for the players, for the generals and bosses who, I can bet, did their best only because they felt the duty to deal with it even if they were having no fun at all.

Quoting @Domikick, all the old problems of RR2 still stay solid here, and we are putting further problems on the table.

Main aim of this update was probably to keep players online more often, to let them spend money and gems (even for the ads boosts with the 6 hours cooldown, sigh, btw @Madlen second time I see it in 2 weeks, how are the “technical problems” doing? Is it so difficult to push the button “4” on the keyboard instead of “6” for your technicians? No words, really…don’t try to blame the providers, they are not programming the game, this is on you) and they are not taking care of the fun part of the game. I don’t blame Flare for asking us money, I blame Flare because, in order to do so, they are removing what we liked of this game, to be online when I want, to be rewarded if I login often with free chests, to be a nice game to play when you come back from work and not a long list of frustrating notifications about battles your ally lost only because people have an actual life.

This is the point. These new conquest boosts should be added to the new war. Conquest is for players who login every two to three hours. How will people who do jobs and students who go to schools and colleges will participate. They can only move a fewer times. This mode is worst. I hate it.


I said it and I mean it -  I do understand you are frustrated and things get heated. And we are always thankful for constructive feedback on the new mode and in general. :slight_smile:

I would like to reply about the ad cooldown once more. I said yes that the original issue is a technical issue on the 3rd party site. And that is valid. We are working on a solution, also this is a fact. I cannot state a date/version yet. I think that this is what is most important to know right now. Sometimes in order to protect the game from cheaters which would hurt all of you honest players, we cannot always issue a full explanation about all technical details and backgrounds to a problem that is accuring. And it may just seem like we would just need to push a button, but there is a bit more to it.




Before you try to hit cheaters with this stupid cool down thingy, first get rid of those damn cheaters in the fu*king so called Pro League. 

Im pretty sure Game will die Slowly. First Weeks are fun, but then you Need a few years and a few hundred Euros to max all out. Not a lot of Player will do this. 

The new Mode brought lots of frustration. If you have a Job or a real life you are fuxored up.

we will See what Future brings us but After the last Update i wont invest any longer. Reached lvl 130. all maxed out but fun isnt there atm. 

Sad to See how it all turned out at the end after 4.0 Update.


@Madlen. @PaSte

The energy for move is really pointless as it basically restores in the time factor for the move …. so pointless. 

So we need MEGA MOVE

So a 8hr+ jump (if the cheapest/shortest path cost is to diificult to do over a large area then just let the player determine path as I said don’t over engineer it just get it done) So use the existing mechanics of 3 tiles at a time to the final alliance area and obviously no uncovered areas.

Maybe any gained territory non-tower tile (so completed 7 tiles) and not the tower itself  so its easier but you are stuck in an exposed spot for longer. and you could be attacked but you are stuck there till timeout. the more mega the jump the more chance you are locked to that spot and cannot respond to other threats. also jumping to a already started fight be disallowed. You could jump near but the wait is required same as moving 3 at a time.

So in simple terms a mega jump could be to any unoccupied tile in your alliance territory.

So you would still need scouts and attacks done in the 3 tile move and after the first 2 days the mind numbing moving would be simplified.


Ally shield on players chests in map (or more distinct colours on a phone its probably horrible). or tap details for player and info for more 

fix display bugs with battles 4billion skulls really?

fix techtree bonuses more troops and others.

goto me target icon… show two options me then others .Then with others selected a alliance list. so goto that player its stupid finding people otherwise.


Final words … its too much time and annoyance 5 minutes fighting for a day of annoying moving. Scouting sure you see new things so theres a reward for each move after that its just stupid. You want ppl to participate then they need to be able to get there without putting their life on hold for a game that’s supposed to value add to it?

Honestly the first thing I would do is mega move… the rest are annoying to but not as much as moving. If you want ppl to play this and not ignore it or not bother then moving needs to be fixed

The rewards from the conflict were particularly unexciting. Neither the gargoyle or viking boost did much for me. The snake tower boost was nice. The chests - some pearls, a few low-level pals, and a collection of mediocre items. All that work and this is all we get? 

yes and that is wrong , there are people paying real money and flare just cant release an unfinished product for us to test , thats not how an game producer can work. its not done.
there are Always little things that need fixing that is ok but its every update that almost breaks the game , we are talking huge bugs that should just not be there . and thats also why everyone can tell how bad a company flare is and that they dont care for players ,