Why punish players for having gems?

Can  you please explain why you punish people for having gems?

People keep getting offers for different packs etc… while the people with gems in the account doesnt.


Just pure greed to force people with few gems to buy more and a middle finger raised to the ones who already bought?


Official repsonse appreciated :slight_smile:

It is so frustrating when they clearly as you say, punish players. I have gems and would very much appreciate an offer I can afford after all I have done to get them. Though it will never change its nice to hope.

Official response appreciated



This issue has already been reported and forwarded, and there is no official answer for now :grinning:

yes this is too bad when we have gems the offer did not come and when we have less gems its come that is so angry 

so please take action against this thing and i need more worker and the offer did not come then i use gems to upgrade my ally tower 

Thanks for forwarding really hope this will be changed.


Whats the point of buying gems if you block all offers to thoose who actually buys?

As i remember, you say you are a free player that never bought gems…

Nah maybe you are confusing me with Edward

I think gem owners are punished because Flares wants you to spend them so you can buy some more  :slight_smile:

Yeah exactly that’s what they are doing.

Giving penalty to their own customers by blocking offers.

It seems to me, that Flare has lost sight of the original game. Now the only game they care about, is how to get players to buy more gems.


Everything about this game is now centered around players needing more gems. I understand that they need to make money. I understand that this game only exists to make them money. However, it is becoming distasteful how blatant it is. The players are being punished for playing this game.


Loving punishment, I guess, I have managed to get my gems down to 300 and still have not been offered the 330 gem worker package. Still holding out hope, but I have to postpone my search for better uber perks while I wait, as that eats gems fast.



How random and off topic

My thoughts as well. Besides one could aquire gems by other means than buying them. Same thing, you gain their currency but they block the offers other gets.

Disgusting marketing.

You know if you think about it…

It doesn’t even make sense to add such a cheesy randomness to getting packs in the first place when players want access to deals all the time. And a better value for their hard earned money. And we don’t like getting conned out of our money either.

Just like we click on the screen that says vouchers to use vouchers or gold to buy gold, a player should be able to click the window that says deals or specials and see three or four random package deals that were generated for that given day.

It’s a no brainer…Give the players what they want. Quit making easy solutions so difficult to come up with.

Put the “kick me” sign back on the marketing people… maybe even give them a spanking or a time out in the corner

advertising gets the “Dunce” hat and move there desk back into the restroom. They may be able to come up with some better ideas in there.

Figure it out flare…its not hard.

Yeah well said.

Would be so much better if they just made a deal of the week or several on packages that were available to ALL players. Not just the ones who can’t afford that pack right now.

It only makes them look like cheesy greedy fools who only thinks about money instead of making sure people enjoy their product. Disgusting :slightly_frowning_face: