Why RR2 doesn't offer chat and message translate feature?

I don’t post in forum because most of the time members abuse you but I see new community manager is working hard and we finally have a voice, so here is my suggestions:

Every tower defense game I have played offers chat and message translate why RR2 doesn’t offer this feature? Game has been out for more than 4 years now and players from all over the world are on same server and yet we have no way to communicate with players who don’t speak English.

With the new conquest mode you need lot of strategy and communication with members in order to be successful. But so whats been happening is most of the members don’t exactly know how mode works and they do whatever they feel like. For those who understand the game can’t share and guide their team simple because others don’t speak the same language. 

In a game like RR2 where we have events with whole alliance involved, chat should be a platform where everyone can share their knowledge with others. Conquest has been the most stressful mode I have played in the game so far and most of it is because there is lack of communication among team members. Many players don’t read and respond in chat because they don’t understand the language.

RR2 should offer translate feature and it will make alliances more diverse and friendly to all members not just for those who speak the same language.

***Global chat can be a great feature as well and new players can benefit from it a lot***

ps: Out of the all the games that I have played, I think Brutal Age game has the best translator implemented, it’s very accurate and way better than google translator!

Hello Guru,

First of all thanks :slight_smile:

We know that the chat system in RR2 is really not the greatest, we would like to improve it as well. This will, however, be a long coding task, which deserved to be prioritized higher than it is resource-wise possible at the moment. However, once we will have the time to look even more closely at the chat, I make sure to forward your proposal, because I think it is a great one.